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Compuware Streamlines Mainframe DevOps and Facilitates Digital Transformation Across All Platforms

ISPW and Topaz Integrations with CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise Automate Continuous Delivery for COBOL Applications

  • To be digitally competitive, large enterprises must bring Agile/DevOps best practices to their core mainframe systems—and coordinate updates of those systems with updates of code running on other platforms.
  • Leveraging Compuware ISPW and/or Compuware Topaz for Total Test in conjunction with CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise continuous delivery platform empowers large global businesses to achieve this critical goal.
  • By taking advantage of the partnership between Compuware and CloudBees, enterprise IT organizations can much more nimbly and efficiently meet the ever-changing digital needs of the business across all platforms.

DETROIT – October 2, 2017 –  Compuware today announced support for CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise, a solution offered by CloudBees, the hub of enterprise Jenkins and DevOps, to help large enterprises streamline DevOps on their mainframes and orchestrate DevOps across all platforms.

Continuous delivery and continuous testing are key goals for large global enterprises that must bring DevOps agility to their core systems of record—which are often written in COBOL and other mainframe-centric languages—in order to successfully compete with newer, cloud-enabled market disrupters.

Compuware ISPW's advanced source code management and deployment brings Agile and DevOps capabilities to the mainframe. Integration of ISPW and Jenkins simplifies inclusion of mainframe developer work-product into a well-automated cross-platform enterprise DevOps pipeline. The result is faster, more iterative updates of mainframe applications—along with much-improved coordination of code updates across all platforms.  

Compuware Topaz of Total Test automates and simplifies unit testing for COBOL applications. Integration of Topaz for Total Test with CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise helps enable continuous testing of new development work on these applications—which is an essential best practice for safeguarding COBOL code quality, even as enterprises accelerate the pace of mainframe application updates.

Compuware's integration with CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise supports the company's broader strategy for enabling large enterprises to Agile-enable their COBOL development and fully integrate these applications into a best-of-breed cross-platform continuous delivery toolchain. Enterprises can, for example, leverage Compuware and CloudBees solutions in conjunction with solutions from SonarSource to provide further visibility into mainframe application quality.

"To maintain our competitive edge in an increasingly application-driven marketplace, we need to accelerate and automate software delivery, not only for midrange but also for mainframe," said Stefan Simenon, Head of Centre of Enterprise Software Development and Tooling at ABN AMRO Bank. "For the latter we are implementing a well-managed enterprise DevOps toolchain based upon Compuware tools and Jenkins Enterprise. The collaboration between Compuware and CloudBees looks to be very helpful to us in this regard."

"Large enterprises can no longer treat mainframe COBOL code as an isolated silo subject to slower, less frequent updates that are not tightly coordinated with code changes on other platforms," said Charles Araujo, Principal Analyst with Intellyx. "The steps Compuware is taking to de-isolate the mainframe have the potential to greatly enhance the agility and digital competitiveness of any company that runs crucial business logic on IBM Z."

The CloudBees implementation of Jenkins, the leading open source automation server, is especially suitable for Compuware's mainframe customer base, since it enhances the most trusted and widely-adopted continuous delivery platform with enterprise-class security, scalability, manageability and support.

"The global businesses that are modernizing their mainframe DevOps with Topaz and ISPW are the same ones relying on CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise for a continuous delivery platform that can drive enterprise-wide DevOps," says Brad Johnson, Vice President of Product Marketing, CloudBees. "That's why Compuware's integration with CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise makes so much sense—we enable our mutual customers to transform and evolve their mainframe-based DevOps initiatives."

"Large enterprises must aggressively re-invest in the mainframe if they're going to keep pace with today's hyper-innovative market disrupters," said Compuware CEO Chris O'Malley. "Compuware alone is delivering the game-changing mainframe tools, strategically selected integrations and expert transformational guidance those enterprises require to get maximum value from that aggressive re-investment."

Compuware and CloudBees will further outline how their offerings apply modern DevOps practices to mainframe applications on a joint webcast entitled "Enterprise DevOps and the Modern Mainframe" to be held October 25 at 11 am ET. Registration info can be found here.

Compuware also announced today that it made Topaz, its flagship solution for mainframe Agile/DevOps, available on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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