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Compuware Mainframe Data Visualization Eases Compliance With European Union’s GDPR “Right to Be Forgotten” Mandates

Topaz Visualization Helps IT Identify and Remove PII Across Highly Complex Enterprise Environments

  • Planned EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) mandates require companies to be able to report on the PII they own on a citizen free of charge and within one month of the request—and to fully delete that data if requested.

  • These reports and deletions can be very difficult to fully execute due to the numerous databases where PII can be stored and the often complex and undocumented dependencies between those databases.

  • Compuware Topaz for Enterprise Data dramatically eases compliance with these “Right to Be Forgotten” mandates by providing rich, complete visualization of data dependencies across all applications and databases. 

  • The result: faster, easier, and more reliable fulfillment of reporting and deletion requests—regardless of IT complexity, thoroughness of documentation, or IT staff’s personal familiarity with data dependencies.

DETROIT – April 1, 2016 – Compuware® today announced that its Topaz solution’s new data extract visualization capabilities can help companies with complex mainframe environments comply with the EU’s planned GDPR “Right to Be Forgotten” and data portability mandates faster, more reliably, and at less cost.

Truly complete identification and deletion of personal information is extremely challenging for large enterprises such as banks or insurance companies. That’s because the mainframe environments at these large enterprises typically store data in many different places—and the dependencies between these different data repositories are often complex and poorly documented.

Because of these complexities, enterprises can easily fail to fully identify and delete the data they hold on a person from their mainframe environments. IT staffs using conventional data analysis tools can also find it extremely time-consuming to track down all existing data dependencies. That lost time represents a significant expense and—given reduced mainframe staff headcounts at most companies—can pull much-needed resources away from more critical tasks.

Compuware Topaz for Enterprise Data dramatically simplifies mainframe data identification, reporting, and deletion by providing IT staff with a visual “map” of data dependencies that make it easy for them to quickly pinpoint and extract instances of an individual’s personal data. IT staff can then delete all instances of personal data, if requested, and validate the deletion by running the extract again. With Topaz for Enterprise Data, companies can therefore quickly, cost-effectively, and more confidently fulfill the requirements of both customers and regulatory auditors.

Topaz for Enterprise Data’s visualization of data dependencies also supports data portability by accurately and comprehensively identifying data that customers want to provide to any designated third party.

Topaz for Enterprise Data is primarily used to quickly and effectively analyze and update mainframe data. It is one of many innovative visualization and automation tools Compuware provides enterprise customers seeking to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their mainframe DevOps in the context of their broader cross-platform digital business strategies.

“While the mainframe remains the digital foundation of most large enterprises, pressures to invest elsewhere are seriously constraining mainframe staffing budgets,” said Compuware CEO Chris O’Malley. “This constrained staffing makes it imperative for enterprises facing challenges such as ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ compliance and the rapid rollout of new mobile apps that leverage mainframe data to aggressively streamline their mainframe DevOps using the kind of task-simplifying visualization tools only Compuware offers.”

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