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BMC Unveils Multi-Cloud Management Strategy and New Solutions to Maximize the Benefits of the Cloud

Driving innovation in multi-cloud management, new solutions deliver on the needs and wants of modern IT teams

Distributed multi-cloud architectures require new management approach to secure data, avoid unforeseen expenses, and optimize performance

Next-generation multi-cloud management leverages AI to automate the detection and resolution of performance and availability bottlenecks

NEW YORK – BMC Exchange NYC – October 12, 2017BMC, a global leader in IT solutions for the digital enterprise, today unveiled a comprehensive strategy for multi-cloud management and a range of new solutions and services that help IT professionals lead their companies into the digital transformation era. At the exclusive BMC Exchange NYC event, the company showcased TrueSight Cloud Cost Control and SecOps Policy Service to better manage cost and compliance, as well as next-generation performance monitoring and service delivery powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The complexity created by multi-cloud and the need to enable speed and innovation, amplify the traditional challenges and pressures placed on IT and the business: visibility, cost, security, performance, automation, and migration. Businesses must adopt comprehensive multi-cloud management solutions to better understand their IT infrastructure and securely optimize cloud performance and costs.

“Businesses are in the midst of dramatic transformation from the datacenter to the cloud and beyond,” said Bill Berutti, President, Enterprise Solutions at BMC. “Enterprises are poised to spend roughly $1.1 trillion in digital transformation technologies. This investment creates unprecedented opportunities for companies to develop new services, enhance employee productivity and efficiency, improve real-time decision making, and develop new and innovative user experiences. Our multi-cloud management strategy and new solutions empower companies to fully realize the vast economic and technological benefits of the cloud.”

In today’s multi-cloud environments, developers can spin off a public cloud instance, install any open source software desired, and move data from datacenter-installed apps to the cloud. IT organizations that try to operate in traditional ways take on enormous risk. BMC’s multi-cloud strategy, supported by new and expanded solutions, serves as a leading cloud management guide and measuring stick for businesses as they rapidly move to the cloud and develop insightful ways to manage their mixed environments securely, efficiently, and more cost-effectively.

“A new approach is needed for effective multi-cloud management, and that starts with knowing which assets exist both on-premises and in multiple clouds. Unmanaged and unaccounted-for IT assets lead to costs spiraling out of control and are an open invitation to the next big hack,” Berutti continued.

An Innovative Family of Multi-Cloud Solutions
IT is now charged with managing a dispersed multi-cloud environment, using multiple cloud services from multiple public cloud hosting providers in addition to on-premises infrastructure and data. In this new reality, as many as 60 percent of traditional IT assets and applications are not within IT’s direct control.

BMC today introduced solutions that address two amplified challenges created by multi-cloud complexity: cost and security.

TrueSight Cloud Cost Control is a cost management solution that analyzes current and future costs and utilization of multi-cloud infrastructure services, providing insight and control over capital and operating expenditures. With a single view of on-premises and public cloud infrastructure spend, organizations can track and analyze infrastructure costs and utilization, identify overspending, and forecast future costs. The ability to simulate migrations to public cloud and compare on-premises and various public cloud service costs ensures applications run on the most cost efficient infrastructure.

“Understanding costs across any public, private, and hybrid cloud model is essential in increasing business acumen, and driving business strategy impact,” said Stephen Elliot, Program Vice President at IDC.

SecOps Policy Service embeds compliance and security testing into the software development lifecycle, empowering developers to perform critical checks without stalling innovation. The cloud-based solution provides continuous verification, analytics, and governance to ensure compliance is protected, reducing risk when creating multi-cloud applications. SecOps Policy Service also prioritizes and remediates non-compliant configurations across public cloud services, utilizing a flexible architecture with built-in connectors and policy extensibility for virtually any data source.

Last month, the company also announced BMC Discovery for Multi-Cloud, extending BMC’s discovery and dependency mapping capabilities to provide dynamic visibility into public and private clouds.

Preparing for the Next Innovation Wave – Artificial Intelligence
As multi-cloud environments are inherently more complex, the old ways of IT management by exception and monitoring alone are not robust enough and can lead to outages and delays. BMC is investing in machine learning, artificial intelligence and cognitive-driven capabilities to leverage predictive automation that can analyze data faster than people. These next-generation solutions, announced today, will enable the next wave of innovation and ambient user experiences.

  • TrueSight 11, BMC’s platform for Artificial Intelligence in IT Operations (AIOps), leverages machine learning and analytics to improve the quality and performance of services in multi-cloud environments.

  • BMC’s Cognitive Service Management solutions address the complexities of multi-cloud computing by applying intelligence, automation and predictive capabilities. CSM enables an omni-channel service experience leveraging chatbots and virtual agents to simplify and enhance employee self-service, and to deliver speed and accuracy of ticket classification and resolution so agents spend less time on repetitive tasks.

To learn more about BMC’s strategy and product portfolio for multi-cloud management, visit www.bmc.com/multi-cloud.


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