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BMC Introduces BladeLogic Threat Director to Reduce Security Vulnerabilities From Months to Minutes

New capability enables businesses to quickly address the 80 percent of data breaches caused by known vulnerabilities

HOUSTON – April 12, 2016  BMC, the global leader in IT solutions for the digital enterprise, today announced its BladeLogic Threat Director solution to enable IT operations and security teams to move from a fractured defensive security approach to a coordinated offensive attack.

No matter where an enterprise is on its digital journey, security remains of the utmost importance. Eighty percent of attackers exploit known vulnerabilities most of which have a published patch available whereas a BMC and Forbes Insights report found that 44 percent of executives said data breaches occur even when vulnerabilities and their remediation have been identified. These vulnerabilities remain unpatched because of a gap between when Security identifies the threat and when Operations issues a patch, often taking as long as 193 days.

"There is inherent friction between the Security team and the Operations team that results in everything from avoidable security risks, data loss, downtime and excessive labor costs," said Sean Pike, program director, eDiscovery and Information Governance at IDC. "BMC's BladeLogic Threat Director is the first solution to give security teams visibility into operational plans while giving operations an actionable view of threat data based on risk level."

BMC's BladeLogic Threat Director helps the Security and Operations teams become more agile and quickly move to a proactive security position for both cloud and on-premises systems. Security teams use the Security Dashboard to gain a view into operational plans and SLAs giving them the ability to assess the current security readiness of their organization. BladeLogic Threat Director provides the Operations team with prescriptive and actionable data to address vulnerabilities based on perceived impact and policy, and it uses precise threat analytics to enable the relentless and expedient remediation of risks and reduction of the attack surface.

"At F. Korbel & Bros, Inc., purveyor of America's premier champagne, wine and brandy, security is a high priority," said Tracy McMahan, IT support coordinator. "We are vigilant about staying on top of all updates and patches, yet it is a manual, time-consuming process. BMC's BladeLogic Threat Director solution will enable the security and operations teams to see what the other is doing, opening a dialog to allow the most urgent issues to be addressed first while balancing the operations teams need for uptime. Ultimately, BladeLogic Threat Director will help any company become more secure."

"While the media likes to portray super hackers sitting in far-flung countries breaking into our key institutions, I have never seen this scenario play out. What I see is that vulnerabilities sneak in when an unsuspecting employee goes to a website, clicks a link or opens an attachment that appears legitimate, but is not. BMC's BladeLogic Threat Director will help me to patch vulnerabilities more quickly, so I can keep the hackers out of our systems," noted John Leach, senior network administrator at CBC Federal Credit Union.

"It is not a question of if your company will be hacked, but when, so our job is to keep the company's security threat risk as low as possible," said Jacquie Harrison, senior system analyst at Hampton Roads Sanitation District. "This isn't easy when you factor in the vast number of systems across multiple sites that need up-to-date software and patches. It is a delicate balance between the needs of the organization, needs of the user, and needs of the IT Department. BMC's BladeLogic Threat Director can become our first line of defense, especially with branded bugs like Heartbleed and Badlock, by performing the precise threat analytics and notifying our company of the perceived impact and vulnerabilities."

"As digital services become a competitive force for companies, the number of new services and version updates multiplies exponentially as do the odds of a breach. Now more than ever, it is imperative that companies keep hackers out of their systems," said Bill Berutti, president of the cloud, data center and performance businesses at BMC. "BMC's BladeLogic Threat Director enables the security and operations teams to be vigilant in patching known vulnerabilities while also ensuring the customer's digital experience is not disrupted."

BMC's BladeLogic Threat Director solution works in combination with BMC's BladeLogic Server Automation solution to help IT automatically link vulnerabilities to identified patches and create a defensive vulnerability attack plan. For information, visit https://www.bmc.com/it-solutions/truesight-vulnerability-management.html


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