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BMC Completes Acquisition of Compuware to Mainstream Mainframe DevOps

Customers to benefit from an integrated DevOps toolchain with unparalleled mainframe operations management and agile application development and delivery

HOUSTON – June 1, 2020 – BMC, a global leader in IT solutions for the Autonomous Digital Enterprise, today announced the close of its acquisition of Compuware, a leading provider of mainframe application development, delivery, and performance solutions.

The strategic combination of the two companies builds on the success of BMC Automated Mainframe Intelligence (AMI) and Compuware's Topaz suite, ISPW technology, and classic product portfolios to modernize clients' mainframe environments. BMC with Compuware now enables automation and intelligent operations with agile development and delivery – empowering the next generation of mainframe developers and operations teams to excel when working with mainframe programming languages, applications, data, infrastructure, and security.  

"Adding Compuware's Topaz software development environment to the BMC portfolio is another step in the direction of targeting the enterprise developer. With Topaz, developers take a modern approach to building, testing, and deploying mainframe applications. This move should allow BMC to spread the word that modern tools matter for the mainframe engineer," wrote Christopher Condo, Chris Gardner, and Diego Lo Giudice at Forrester Research.

Fifty percent of respondents in a 2019 Forrester study shared that they plan to grow their use of the mainframe over the next two years¹ and 93% of respondents in the 2019 BMC Mainframe Survey believe in the long-term and new workload strength of the platform. To support customer needs, the unified portfolio will enable enterprises to:

  • Leverage the robust processing power, stability, security, and agile scalability of the mainframe
  • Scale Agile and DevOps methods with a fully integrated DevOps toolchain – allowing for mainframe applications to get to market more quickly and efficiently without compromising quality
  • Combine the self-analyzing, self-healing, and self-optimizing power of the BMC AMI suite of products to increase mainframe availability, efficiency, and security while mitigating risk, along with the Compuware Topaz suite, to fully empower the next generation of developers to build, analyze, test, deploy, and manage mainframe applications
  • Create a transcendent customer experience to meet the business demands of the digital age – jumpstarting their Autonomous Digital Enterprise journey

"BMC continues to apply automated intelligence to modernize the mainframe, meeting the growing demands created by digital business growth. With market needs disrupting business models more rapidly than ever before, it's the ideal time to bring Compuware to our portfolio and help our customers embrace Agile and DevOps practices for the modern mainframe," said Bill Miller, President of ZSolutions at BMC. "We are thrilled to welcome Compuware and, together, accelerate our customers' journeys to becoming Autonomous Digital Enterprises."

"Compuware remains committed to mainstreaming the mainframe and empowering our customers to leverage the platform with ease and agility so they can deliver quality digital services that exceed their customers' and their business' expectations," said Chris O'Malley, CEO of Compuware. "We stand at the threshold of a broad mainframe revival and customers need a passionate, perserverant and courageous mainframe innovation partner for the next 50 years. We are excited to join forces with BMC to be the best, brightest, and most collaborative partner for our customers and continue to build innovative mainframe solutions that will help them thrive now and in the future. And, the best part? We're just getting warmed up!"

Compuware is now a part of the BMC ZSolutions organization that serves the mainframe industry. This is one of the largest acquisitions in BMC's history and the company's third acquisition in less than two years.

Additional Resources:

"Mainframe Developers Get Boost From BMC Acquisition Of Compuware," Forrester blog post, Forrester Research, March 3, 2020

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