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BMC Accelerates Digital Initiatives, Enabling Customers to Fast Track Digital Business

BMC Engage 2016 showcases a unique Digital Enterprise Management portfolio for automation, security, and rapid application development

LAS VEGAS - September 7, 2016 - At the World Economic Forum earlier this year, the international organization reiterated a prediction (and warning to CEOs) by Yale Lecturer Richard Foster that 75 percent of the S&P 500 will be replaced by 20271. As industries experience continued disruption, companies are faced with the dilemma of transforming their infrastructure, operations, and business models to meet new threats and opportunities. By 2020, if companies are not actually taking steps to shift to digital business, they are setting themselves up for extinction. The one constant across businesses and government organizations is that they are desperately looking for where to prioritize first, identifying the most critical areas and building their digital journeys from there.

"All around us people are talking about change and disruption. Whether it's political, personal, or professional, it's time to make choices," said Bob Beauchamp, chairman and CEO of BMC. "This call to action is reaching a tipping point in the international business community: innovate for digital business, or wither away. That means knowing when and how to take risks that will move the company forward by fostering innovation while still protecting the existing business. BMC's portfolio of Digital Enterprise Management solutions offers the unique capabilities required to meet the urgency of digital business and fast track transformations to meet this new digital imperative."

BMC first introduced Digital Enterprise Management (DEM), the company's strategic focus, last fall and included an integrated set of IT solutions designed to accelerate digital transformation. Critical to any digital transformation is enabling companies with the mindset, strategy, and solutions needed to meet the oncoming demands of digital business. DEM helps companies adopt the mindset required to make critical changes in favor of digital while preserving the core franchise, and establish a goal-oriented strategy with the necessary tools to become a successful digital business.

At BMC Engage 2016, its annual user conference, BMC today expanded its DEM strategy with seven action-oriented key initiatives, designed for customers to fast track digital business:

  • Agile Application Delivery: Accelerate delivery of agile applications across multi-sourced cloud environments for both cloud-native and traditional applications, including monitoring, workload automation, environment-on-demand, and release automation.
  • Digital Workplace: Build a digital workplace that enables businesses to improve workforce agility, employee productivity, and the customer experience by transforming the corporate culture to revolve around employees' needs.
  • Big Data: Automate, accelerate and secure the integration of big data into the enterprise environment, enabling operations excellence to support customers' digital business innovation agendas.
  • Service Management Excellence: Provide end-to-end management of digital and traditional services allowing businesses to support rapid change, end user expectations, and the proliferation of mobile, hybrid, and cloud infrastructure.
  • Multi-Source Cloud: Leverage existing IT resources while integrating into public and private cloud environments, giving organizations greater control of their data, improved application performance and efficiencies, and enhanced collaboration, all while helping to centralize IT management.
  • SecOps: Deliver visibility and facilitate communication between security and operations, to remediate threats quickly and accurately in order to confidently protect the business and customers.
  • IT Optimization: The funding of innovation largely comes from the continuous optimization of core IT systems, including but not exclusive to the mainframe.

"Accomplishing a successful digital transformation requires a new approach to enterprise management, where digital technologies break down silos and enable organizations to achieve connected, common goals," said Tyler Lowe, vice president, senior service delivery manager, Bank of America. "By focusing on these key digital business initiatives, we are taking bold measures to drive new ways to engage our customers and ensure operational efficiencies."

Now in its third year, BMC Engage brings together thousands of customers and partners to discuss the most compelling trends changing the way people work and how companies innovate. Packed with expert keynotes and 300 sessions led by IT leaders from the most innovative companies in the world, BMC Engage 2016 offers businesses of all sizes a roadmap to fast track their digital business by 2020.

Live feeds of the keynote addresses from BMC Engage are free to view at http://www.bmc.com/engagekeynote. To understand the digital transformation journey, disruptive factors driving it, and how to accelerate digital business, visit www.bmc.com.

1 World Economic Forum, "10 Trends to Watch in 2016," by Donald Armbrecht, December 18, 2015


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