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As digital businesses drive more transactions to the mainframe, BMC’s portfolio can help reduce the IBM® Monthly License Charges (MLC) that consume more than 30 percent of your mainframe budget, while also streamlining resources, minimizing downtime, and eliminating waste.

Save on IBM software licensing charges without impacting service

  • Get critical insight into complex IBM mainframe software pricing models including Monthly License Charge (MLC) and Tailored Fit Pricing for IBM Z®
  • Identify which workloads drive peak 4-hour rolling average (4HRA) MLC cost
  • Model workload variations to determine optimal workload and capping scenarios
  • Safely move or isolate the most expensive MLC IBM subsystems
  • Dynamically optimize capacity settings to lower costs while protecting service levels
  • Prototype moving workloads and selecting new pricing options to determine impact on your software costs
  • Allocate MSUs to highest priority workloads to ensure performance of critical workloads

Discuss your options with a mainframe expert

Unleash the power of your mainframe with a comprehensive cost management suite

Cut mainframe software costs with reporting insights and predictive planning

Cost Analyzer for zEnterprise
  • Understand what’s driving IBM mainframe software charges with the easy-to-use dashboards, intelligent discovery, and predictive analytics of Cost Analyzer for zEnterprise®.
  • Easily identify key drivers of peak resource usage that contribute to MLC costs.
  • Get insightful reports and model the cost impact of changes, while tracking and forecasting your software budget.
  • Predict the costs associated with deploying new applications, selecting a new pricing model, or making changes to your workloads.

Dynamically automate and optimize capacity settings

Intelligent Capping for zEnterprise
  • Intelligent Capping for zEnterprise® helps you reduce and manage peaks to save on MLC costs without impacting service levels.
  • Protect the most critical workloads from being capped and manage the cost of non-critical workloads.
  • Reclaim unused capacity for significant savings.
  • Confidently lower costs with patented cost-aware and importance-aware technology.

Access data and communication across LPARs

Subsystem Optimization

Subsystem Optimizer for zEnterprise® significantly reduces MLC costs while safely improving subsystem communication and failover capability to maximize availability.

  • Move or isolate the most expensive MLC subsystems—like Db2, CICS, IMS, and MQ—and run them on separate logical partitions.
  • Change the MLC math to drastically reduce costs using standard IBM APIs.
  • Add an important failover capability that you don’t have today with any other solution to maximize availability.


Getting started with Mainframe MLC Cost Management is easy