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BMC Helix Platform

Connect across domains for visibility, observability and AI-driven actionability

BMC Helix Platform is an open, scalable service and operations management solution that increases efficiency, productivity, and innovation.

A unified platform that automates and enables the work of service and operations teams

  • Supports BMC Helix Solutions—Discovery, operations management, service management, continuous optimization, and delivery of omni-channel experiences for IT and lines of business
  • Leverage a micro-services architecture to provide rich visualizations for expanded visibility and context, persona-based dashboards, centralized reporting, shared data, and cross-launch capability across the platform
  • Hyperautomation workflow engine enables native configurable, automated workflows to be added to business processes which frees up resources and increases efficiency
  • Extend, enhance, and customize solutions or services to deliver quality innovations, including integrations with industry-leading iPaaS to increase observability, usability, adaptability, scalability, and automation
  • Flexible coding methods including no code, low code and pro code

Sneak peek: See how ServiceOps uses artificial intelligence to improve DevOps processes.

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“The key driver [for our investment in BMC Helix] is the customer service experience. Reducing errors or saving time is a side benefit. What we’re looking at is finding the best way to improve the experience and connect the user for fulfilment as efficiently as possible.” — Director of Service Management, Education

Connect service and operations teams with actionable insights

Increase efficiency and lower costs

Service and Operations Manager
  • Gain operational speed and productivity with cross-launching to other solutions deployed on the platform
  • Lower administrative costs with one central location across products to set up users, groups, and permissions, and manage user access
  • Gain deep insights and consistency with a centralized, expanded lake of shared data, databases, and reporting across service and operations solutions

Leverage the power of AI/ML with advanced analytics to identify trends, proactively address potential issues and understand how services and operations are performing

Service Manager
  • Dynamically update service models by ingesting metrics, events, and topologies from BMC and 3rd-party solutions
  • Improve service and operations efficiency and minimize disruptions with AI-fueled insights across domains
  • Reduce MTTR with information sharing and task execution across the platform
  • Increase productivity with tailored user experiences
  • Reduce management complexity with expanded cross-domain visibility of unique data stores to view assets and relationships

Use AI/ML-driven algorithms to support policy-based automation

Cloud Architect
  • Identify automation opportunities to increase business agility: Enable teams to use policy and event driven automation to quickly take corrective action
  • Increase IT staff productivity: Automate management of infrastructure to save time and labor
  • Achieve faster time-to-remediation: Connect AI-driven insights and recommendations with automated actions
  • Reduce time-to-value: Streamline and enhance business and development processes with hyperautomation workflows
  • Gain deeper insight leveraging ML: Understand how successfully automations have performed in the past to maximize the success of future remediations

Enable a collaborative, container application development environment

Young Developer
  • No-code application development and tailoring: Easily create and modify applications using drag-and-drop design tools
  • Modernize applications with cognitive micro-service framework: Add AI service capabilities to your apps
  • Achieve deployment flexibility with multi-cloud support: Extend, integrate, and customize workflow-based apps
  • Rich and comprehensive integrations: New BMC Helix iPaaS delivers industry‑leading enterprise usability, adaptability, scalability, and reduced time to market
  • Faster time-to-development: Extensive visualization, search capabilities, and impact analysis enable DevOps teams to meet their quality, velocity, and efficiency initiatives
“A global telecommunications company consolidated nine applications into one platform with a consolidated IT and enterprise service desk and integrated IT operations platform. This eliminated mainframes and legacy technology and reduced its IT run rate by 49%.“ — Director of Service Management, Education

Getting started with BMC Helix Platform is easy