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BMC Helix Operations Management uses service-centric monitoring, advanced event management, root cause isolation, and intelligent automation to improve performance and availability.

Predictive IT with AIOps, machine learning, advanced analytics, and automation

  • Open integrations ingest metrics, events, and topologies from third-party solutions for extensive visibility
  • Dynamic service modeling generates a topology view of services that is leveraged for service-centric monitoring and root cause isolation
  • Service-centric monitoring delivers continuous visibility into the state of business services
  • Intelligent analytics detects trends, patterns, and anomalies and sends predictive alerts before baselines are breached
  • AI and ML-driven event correlation, situation management, and root-cause isolation for reduced MTTR
  • Intelligent automation identifies opportunities for automated corrective action

Winner of the 2021 AI Breakthrough Award

Proactively increase service performance and availability

Intelligently manage operations across complex IT environments

Behavioral monitoring for proactive problem identification

BMC Helix Monitor Multivariate Anomaly Detection
  • Intelligent anomaly detection (univariate or multivariate) triggers events and notifications based on one or more metrics behaving abnormally
  • Proactive notification of issues enables corrective action before service impact
  • Network event monitoring using Entuity

Analyze and manage events for follow-up corrective action

BMC Helix Monitor Advanced Event Management
  • Easily create and edit customized policies to control and manage events, reduce unnecessary event noise, and take corrective action
  • Ingest external events by leveraging open RestAPIs to import data from third-party monitoring solutions
  • Consolidate internal and external events and metrics into a single view, providing the breadth and depth of visibility needed to analyze large groups of events and rapidly determine root cause
  • Use machine learning to find outliers and hard-to-detect problems to proactively identify events, avoid downtime, and speed MTTR

Intelligence, machine learning, analytics, and automation for proactive operations management

BHOM for Web Root Cause Isolation
  • Open integrations: Ingest events, metrics, and topologies from third party solutions using out-of-the-box adapters developed using StreamWeaver™ technologies to maximize visibility and coverage. Click here to learn more about BMC’s acquisition of StreamWeaver.
  • Dynamic Service Models: Datastore that crosses the BMC Helix Platform and uses a rules-based engine to correlate, analyze, and combine data into unified topology view for search and impact analysis
  • AI/ML-based Situation Monitoring: Intelligently correlate and group events to reduce event noise, gain visibility, and improve MTTR
  • Service-Centric Monitoring: Provides a view of the state of key services with visualizations including heat maps and tile views with drill-down capabilities to root cause
  • AI/ML-powered root cause isolation: Identify the root cause of a potential service impact with an analysis that includes events, metrics, and topology to speed corrective action
  • Intelligent Automation: Use a policy and event-driven automation broker to identify opportunities for automated corrective action

Persona-based dashboards for rich visualizations

BMC Helix Monitor Dashboard
  • Transform data into actionable information using BMC Helix Dashboards
  • Enable visualization of events and metrics using advanced analytics
  • Transform data queries into easy-to-understand visualizations using custom or out-of-the-box display formats
  • Provide cross-launch drill-down capabilities
  • Allow multi-tenancy with full, role-based access control
  • Use out-of-the-box panel plug-ins for new and expanded data visualizations

Sneak peek: See how AIOps finds problems quickly and proactively, so you can get to work.

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