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With BMC AMI DevX Code Analysis, veteran and novice developers alike can quickly understand, update, and troubleshoot even the oldest and most complex mainframe code.

Easily Understand Program Interactions

Working with outdated mainframe systems can be daunting for modern developers, with poor documentation, high complexity, and unfamiliar interfaces creating significant roadblocks. BMC AMI DevX Code Analysis clears the way for progress by offering intuitive visualizations of mainframe code, helping developers of all experience levels understand interactions, dependencies, and relationships between programs. With this tool, developers can make changes to even the oldest and most complex mainframe code with confidence.

Young Developer

Gain Deep Visibility Into Program Behavior

BMC AMI DevX Code Analysis includes a runtime visualizer that allows developers to visualize execution, including the ability to save and replay the execution trace. This provides deep visibility into program calls, I/O types, and program behavior, enabling developers to quickly identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and other issues that may be impacting program performance.

  • 3270 emulator: Complete one-off “green screen” tasks within BMC AMI DevX Workbench
  • Dynamic flow charting: Access a flow chart of the program being edited
  • Logic flow: Leverage a visual representation of logic
  • Data flow: See inputs to and outputs from any variable used in the program
  • Assess program-level metrics: Quickly understand the scope of a program though program-level metrics
  • View program behavior: See program calls, I/O types and drive edit/browse sessions from the visualization



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Getting started with BMC AMI DevX Code Analysis is easy.