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Success Path to AIOps

Explore BMC’s recommended route to modern observability with AIOps

What is a BMC Success Path? It’s how we guide you to progressively achieve desired outcomes through incremental use case and capability adoption.

AIOps Transformation with BMC

The BMC Success Path is developed with industry best practices and deep product expertise. We can take you from basic to transformative while leveraging what you have and aligning your people, process, data, and technology to get you where you want to go.

We’ve captured our insight around each use case in the experience below. Click through to see the use case progression we recommend as well as key aspects about each.

 Success Path to AIOps

Getting Started on the Path to AIOps Success

To have a clear path tailored to your desired future state of AIOps, you need a roadmap that has an accurate starting point based on where you are today.

With the AIOps Advisory Service, BMC Professional Services will assess your current maturity across people, process, data, and technology with each use case. Our consultative process will identify capability gaps and opportunities for advancement which will be consolidated into a Success Path Advisory report. You will then have the insight and guidance you need to reach your desired AIOps future state.

Accessing the AIOps Advisory Service is easy – redeem credits from your Success Subscription through your BMC Account Manager and the advisory can get scheduled with your team.

Get your Success Subscription to accelerate down the path to transforming with AIOps.