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BMC Helix Digital Workplace 22.x: Fundamentals Administering for Advanced License

BMC Helix Digital Workplace offers two applications, BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced and BMC Helix Digital Workplace Catalog. BMC Helix Digital Workplace is a self-service application for business users to connect with IT and HR anywhere, anytime, on any device. Employees can use any supported mobile device or desktop browser for self-service, raise trouble tickets, make appointments to meet, and contact IT. Administrators can rebrand the application, set up impersonation, set up locations, floor maps, and assets, monitor the status of services, create reports, create broadcasts for user groups, schedules, and locations, customize notification templates, set up alternate approvals and work with logs for troubleshooting.

This instructor-led course provides students with the information and hands-on lab exercises they need to begin configuring and administering BMC Helix Digital Workplace for the Advanced license.

Note: The BMC Helix Digital Workplace catalog features are covered in the following courses:

  • BMC Helix Digital Workplace Catalog 22.x: Fundamentals Concepts (WBT) 
  • BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced 20.x: Fundamentals Catalog Administering – Part 2 
  • BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced 20.x: Fundamentals Catalog Administering – Part 3

Major release:

BMC Helix Digital Workplace 22.x

Good for:


Course Delivery:

Instructor-Led Training (ILT) | 32 hours

Course Modules

  • Getting Started with BMC Helix Digital Workplace
    • Understand BMC Helix Digital Workplace concepts and features
    • Identify BMC Helix Digital Workplace version and license entitlements
    • List the product roles
    • Explore the functions of an administrator
    • Discuss BMC Helix Digital Workplace Use cases
  • Configuring the User Interface
    • Rebrand the user interface
    • Set up the Catalog page
    • Set up Contact IT button
    • Create General help contacts
    • Browse Categories button
    • Configure Landing Page
    • Set Help Desk Appointments
    • Configure Localization
    • Customize Appointment, Catalog, Global Search, My Activity and My Stuff tabs
    • Add Privacy Notice and Policy
  • Managing End User Features
    • Manage end user Profile Data
    • Set Menu bar features - Shopping cart and Live Chat
    • Configuring Impersonation View
    • Configure end user display settings
    • Configure fulfilment details of requests
    • Update attachment settings of requests
    • Enable Sign Out option
    • Enable Cancel Request option
    • Enable Request again
    • Reopening a Request
    • Set Priority Labels for requests
    • Manage posts and social activities
    • Configure the Search functionality
  • Enabling Self Help Resources
    • Enable and configure Self Help Resources
    • Work with Knowledge Articles
    • Create Catalog section for Knowledge Articles
    • Specify Search Logic for BMC Helix ITSM:Knowledge Management Records
    • Describe integration with BMC Helix ITSM: Knowledge Management
    • Enable/Disable Similar Knowledge Article Option
    • Create how-to resources of external links
    • Hide URLs on the Catalog tab and in Search Results
  • Configuring Locations, Assets, and Services
    • Verify and enable Google map licenses
    • Set up locations and floor maps
    • Add assets and create asset actions
    • Add multiple assets
    • Make Asset room reservations
    • Create Asset actions
    • Action Tags and Asset Tags
    • Create Asset Profile Links to Self-help Resources
    • Manage Assets
    • Configure Crowdsourced assets
    • Add services
    • Configure Service health
    • Set Service Health Status
  • Notifications and Broadcast Messages
    • Configure status updates and default notification settings
    • Customize Email, Push and In-app Notifications
    • Create broadcasts in BMC Helix Digital Workplace and Smart IT
    • Understand the integration of broadcasts with BMC Helix ITSM and BMC Helix ITSM: Smart IT
  • Configuring Approvals for Business Approvers
    • Configure approvals for BMC Helix Digital Workplace
    • Configure On Hold button for approval requests
    • Reassign approvals
    • Enable Comments for Approval Request Rejection
    • Delegate business requests to alternate approvers
    • Enable Change Request Approval Configuration