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BMC Helix Continuous Optimization: Education Enterprise Product Subscription

BMC Helix Continuous Optimization is a SaaS-based capacity management solution that gives you insights to optimize your current IT resources and plan for future demands. It collects and analyzes the capacity data and core metrics for CPU, memory, and storage. The capacity management solution, subsequently, provides recommendations for optimizing the collected data. You can model future resource needs and predict what IT resources you will need. The IT infrastructure includes physical, virtual, containers, private, and public clouds.

This subscription provides a deep dive into BMC Helix Continuous Optimization features and capabilities. The demonstrations, videos, and presentation content included in the subscription provide a clear understanding of the features and capabilities of BMC Helix Continuous Optimization and how to leverage them.

Note: This content is part of an annual subscription and is regularly updated and changed, without notice, based on product updates, improvements, and additions. During the duration of the subscription, users will have access to the latest content without incurring additional fees or being subject to additional registrations.

Major release:

BMC Helix Continuous Optimization

Good for:

Administrators, Capacity Planners, Client Users, Consultant, Operators

Course Delivery:

Web Based Training (WBT) | 14 hours

Learner Objectives

  • Understand the business solution offered by BMC Helix Portal
  • Use the BMC Helix Portal
  • Use the BMC Helix Continuous Optimization Console
  • Understand domains and entities
  • Create, edit, and delete new users, user groups, and roles in BMC Helix Portal
  • Create, edit, and delete authorization profiles
  • Configure authorization profiles for views
  • Understand metrics and indicators
  • Manage time and entity filters
  • Use tags and bookmarks
  • Analyze business services view
  • Collect data using out-of-the-box ETLs
  • Create custom dashboards

Subscription Courses

Offerings for BMC Continuous Optimization: Fundamentals:

  • WBT Course 1: BMC Helix Portal: Overview (WBT)
  • WBT Course 2: BMC Helix Dashboards: Overview (WBT)
  • WBT Course 3: BMC Helix Continuous Optimization: Overview (WBT)
  • WBT Course 4: BMC Helix Continuous Optimization: Fundamentals Working with Domains and Entities (WBT)
  • WBT Course 5: BMC Helix Continuous Optimization: Fundamentals Overview of Metrics and Indicators (WBT)
  • WBT Course 6: BMC Helix Continuous Optimization: Fundamentals Using Tags and Bookmarks (WBT)
  • WBT Course 7: BMC Helix Continuous Optimization: Fundamentals Authorization Profiles (WBT)
  • WBT Course 8: BMC Helix Continuous Optimization: Fundamentals Role Based Access Control (WBT)
  • WBT Course 9: BMC Helix Continuous Optimization: Fundamentals Using Filters (WBT)
  • WBT Course 10: BMC Helix Continuous Optimization: Fundamentals Working with Business Service Views and Service Pools (WBT)
  • WBT Course 11: BMC Helix Dashboards 21.x: Fundamentals Using (WBT)
  • WBT Course 12: BMC Helix Continuous Optimization: Advanced Collecting Data Using Out-of-the- box ETLs (WBT)
  • WBT Course 13: BMC Helix Continuous Optimization: Fundamentals Working with Dashboards (WBT)
  • WBT Course 14: BMC Helix Continuous Optimization Using Service Risk Dashboards (WBT)
  • WBT Course 15: BMC Helix Continuous Optimization Fundamentals Simulating Cloud Migration (WBT)


  • BMC Certified Associate: Helix Continuous Optimization Online Exam