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BMC Discovery 21.x: Fundamentals Application Modeling (SPT)

BMC Discovery is a datacenter discovery solution that automatically discovers datacenter inventory, configuration and relationship data, and maps applications to the IT infrastructure. BMC Discovery establishes the foundation for improving IT processes and productivity by providing timely and actionable insight to make informed decisions in IT service management, asset management and infrastructure/operations management.

This course enables users to extend and maintain a BMC Discovery deployment beyond the initial baseline. It also enables users to model the complex custom software using the Start Anywhere Application Mapping (SAAM), Collaborative Application Mapping (CAM), and The Pattern Language (TPL) features. This course also covers CMDB Extensions used for enhancing CMDB synchronization.

IMPORTANT: This Self-Paced Training (SPT) course contains only a course instructor video that includes a demonstration of recorded lab exercises.

Major release:

BMC (Helix) Discovery 21.x

Good for:


Course Delivery:

Web Based Training (WBT) | 70 hours

Course Modules

  • Edit Pattern Templates
    • Download Pattern Templates
    • Edit a Simple Software Instance (SI) Pattern Template
    • Testing a Simple SI Module
    • Working with the SI Version Package Template
  • Application Mapping Using The Pattern Language (TPL)
    • Overview of Application Mapping
    • Basics of The Pattern Language (TPL)
    • Metadata
    • Triggers
    • The Pattern Body
    • Regular Expressions
    • Functions
    • Path Restrictions
    • Metadata and XPath
    • Relationships and Pattern Sections
    • Business Application Instances
  • Definitions Block
    • Introduction to the Definitions Block
    • User Defined Functions
    • SQL Discovery
    • Data Sources
  • Best Practices for Developing Solutions
    • Developing Patterns
    • Writing Regular Expressions
    • Preparing for Modeling
    • Collaborative Application Modeling
    • Extending Directly Discovered Data
    • Constructing SIs and BAI
  • Modeling Workshop
    • Build Application Models Using SAAM
    • Build a Model of Tomcat Application Server Using CAM
    • Update the TrueSight Application Server Model Using TPL