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BMC Compuware ThruPut Manager 18.x: Fundamentals The New Normal Operating (WBT)

BMC Compuware ThruPut Manager can help you automatically and intelligently optimize your batch processing to resolve hidden problems in manual batch processing. By balancing workload and improving batch throughput, ThruPut Manager also delivers significant savings in software license fees and IBM Monthly Licensing Charges (MLC).

This course presents content using web-based and video modalities. This course will enable the students to navigate the “New Normal” that TM Automation brings to the environment. Current stakeholders will learn how to prepare for the changes necessary to implement and manage the current batch workload under automation.

Major release:

BMC AMI Ops 18.x

Good for:

Operators, Performance Analysts, System Programmers

Course Delivery:

Web Based Training (WBT) | 2 hours

Course Modules

  • New Normal Overview
    • Describe ThruPut Manager high-level fundamentals
    • Describe the “New Normal” for operators, production control, technical staff, and end users
    • Describe additional ThruPut Manager tools and operational requirements
  • Batch Monitoring SDSF Extensions
    • Understand the Extended job detail information available under SDSF, IOF and (E)JES
    • Understand enhanced job monitoring using TMUDF
    • Learn the SDSF setup best practices
  • Batch Monitoring TMISPF
    • Understand Job Monitoring available in TMISPF
    • Learn about System Monitoring available in TMISPF: the Status Display, Workload Statistics, JESplex Member Statistics, Service Group Statistics, Job Queue
  • Batch Monitoring TM Dash
    • Learn about Job Monitoring available in TM DASH
    • Learn about System Monitoring available in TM DASH: the Status Display Workload Statistics JESplex Member Statistics Service Group Statistics Job Queue
    • Understand the R4HA Monitoring available only in TM DASH
  • Operational Considerations
    • Learn about changes to common operational procedures introduced by ThruPut Manager Automation
    • Understand Additional operationalrequirements and differences when ThruPut Manager Automation is managing the batch workload
  • Messages & Commands
    • Learn about the resources for the ThruPut Manager Commands & Messages
    • Describe ThruPut Manager Command Conventions
    • Understand "How the Workload is doing?” and how to interpret the output
  • Troubleshooting
    • Understand “Why my job is not Running?”
    • Understand why no jobs are being selected
    • Learn about problem reporting data collection