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BMC AMI Storage 8.x: Fundamentals for Architecture (WBT)

BMC AMI Storage comprises of a set of solutions to simplify complex mainframe storage environments, monitor, analyze and optimize performance of storage resources. These solutions help improve the performance of infrastructure as well as the management of mainframe storage environment.

This course provides an overview on different solutions, like BMC AMI Storage Automation, BMC AMI Storage Allocation, BMC AMI Storage Reporting, and BMC AMI Storage StopX37/II. This course will help database administrators understand the components involved in BMC AMI Storage architecture, the started tasks and subcomponents required for AMI Storage solution as well as an understanding of the members of parameter library that define a BMC AMI Storage subsystem.

Note: BMC AMI Storage was formerly known as MainView Storage Resource Manager (SRMTM)

Major release:

BMC AMI Ops 8.x

Good for:


Course Delivery:

Web Based Training (WBT) | 2 hours

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Solution Overview
    • Overview of BMC AMI Storage solution
    • Key Features and Benefits
    • Products under BMC AMI Storage Solution
      • BMC AMI Storage Allocation
      • BMC AMI Storage Reporting
      • BMC AMI Storage Automation
      • BMC AMI Storage StopX37/II
    • Interfaces (EZ Menu, MVE, and Ops UI)
    • Solution Architecture
      • Architectural Components
      • STCs and Subcomponents
      • BMC AMI Storage status
  • Module 2: Introduction to BMC AMI Storage Parameter Library
    • ParmLib Architecture
    • Function Activation
    • Messages and SMF Records
    • Operator Commands
    • Global Parameters
    • PARMLIB Members
      • SMMSYSnn - Gobal System Member
      • SMFUNCnn - Define the ActiveFunctions
      • SMPOOLnn - Pool Definition
      • SMPOOLnn Member Parameters
      • SMPOOLnn Member - INC/EXC Parameters
      • SMSPOLnn - DFSMS Subpool Definition
      • SMVARSnn Variable Definition
      • SMDBASnn - Database Data Set List Member
      • SMPOLInn
      • SMPOLInn - Policy Collection Definition
      • SMPOLInn - Define Data Collection
      • SMSCHDnn - Schedule Services Definition
      • SMEVNTnn - Event Definition
  • Module 3: Working with Solution
    • Collections
      • Data Collection
      • Data Collection Scans
      • Initiating Scans
    • Product Views
      • Important EZ Menu Options
      • Menu Option Shortcuts
      • ADFUNC View
      • Enclaves
      • Pattern Masking
      • MainView Explorer Views
    • Filter Lists and Rule Lists
      • Introduction to the Filter List
      • Filter List Syntax
      • Introduction to Rule Lists
      • Contents of a Rule List
      • Include/Exclude Statements
      • Selection Criteria Order
      • Sharing Filter Lists and Variables
      • FLST and RLST Examples