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Supplier Governance

Supplier Standards

BMC works in partnership with our suppliers to constantly bring new values and efficiencies to their relationships. BMC expects our suppliers to adhere to ethical business practices and professional conduct found in our Third Party Code of Conduct. BMC suppliers are committed to a diverse and legally compliant environment for their employees in accordance with local laws and regulations. BMC seeks suppliers that deliver the highest standard of goods and services with competitive pricing. These suppliers have value-added benefits that include being customer-focused and having a commitment to the values of BMC. They adapt and thrive in BMC's competitive environment, while continuing to offer innovative and collaborative solutions and ideas.

Risk Management

Suppliers are a critical extension of BMC as we strive to continue to deliver the highest standards of goods and services to our customers. At BMC, risk management is an essential component of our supply chain to determine, develop and maintain the optimal relationship with our suppliers. To ensure BMC's commitment to protecting our customer's and employee's confidential and personal information is supported, our Supplier Risk Governance Council (SRGC) will perform a risk assessment of the supplier based on the nature of goods or services provided. Our SRGC risk assessment serves as a check and balance between the relationship of our suppliers with BMC; it is also to ensure that the supplier is in compliance with our Data Privacy Binding Corporate Rules (BCR).

How to Engage with BMC

Global Procurement acts and operates on behalf of BMC when engaging with suppliers. In alignment with our Third Party Code of Conduct, suppliers are responsible for contracting with BMC only through formal, written agreements that have been approved for use by Global Procurement.