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BMC Helix IoT Edge efficiently collects and funnels operational data into data management systems, combining IT and OT data so you can effectively monitor all business-critical systems to predict failures before they happen.

Monitor the Physical World

BMC Helix IoT Edge is deployed at the edge of the network and interacts with the physical world of devices, sensors, actuators, and other industrial IoT objects to enable:

  • Anomaly detection
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Asset inventory
  • Asset lifecycle management

See how each use case works

Monitor remote devices and equipment

Anomaly Detection
  • Collect data from IoT devices at the point of inception
  • Analyze data at the edge rather than sending bulk raw data to cloud or data center
  • Use AI and ML capabilities of traditional IT systems to detect anomalous activity

Remediate issues at the edge

Predictive Maintenance
  • Perform data analytics and detection
  • Deploy automation and remediation capabilities at the edge
  • Bring IT remediation to OT environments

Discover edge assets

Asset Inventory
  • Inventory systems at the edge
  • Automate new device discovery and cataloging

Determine when to repair or replace

Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Monitor device lifetime usage against life expectancy
  • Track maintenance requirements and kickoff maintenance job cycle at proper intervals

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