BMC Control-M for Distributed Systems

Simplify and automate enterprise workloads that power the business

BMC Control-M for Distributed Systems integrates and automates business processes from a single point of control to provide an enterprise-wide dynamic workload management solution for physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

This dynamic workload management solution:

  • Provides policies-based management of physical, virtual, and cloud resources
  • Integrates processes from multiple platforms and  applications
  • Enables “what if” scenarios so that you can assess the impact of changes before implementing them
  • Alerts you to exceptions and shows the business impact
  • Centralizes the management of dynamic heterogeneous production environments through a central GUI
  • Provides comprehensive auditing reports and scenario-based rollback

BMC Control-M for Distributed Systems:

  • Maximizes hardware and software investments
  • Improves productivity
  • Reduces unplanned outages
  • Reduces problems associated with fluctuating workloads


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