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Better service begins with your mainframe

Your mainframe is the core of your IT ecosystem. BMC’s highly efficient automated management solutions can help you lower IT costs, automate problem resolution, improve data performance, and deliver the fast, reliable infrastructure your business needs.

Get more from your mainframe software

Your organization and your customers expect increasingly fast, reliable IT services. But running a mainframe eats up a big slice of your IT budget. BMC can help you solve both challenges, with solutions that help your mainframe cost less while doing more.  

Find the right mainframe management solution for you

Data Management for DB2® on z/OS®

BMC data management solutions for DB2 on z/OS allow you to manage and reduce DB2 operating costs by simplifying and automating your DB2 tasks.

Data Management for IMS

BMC data management solutions for IMS are easy-to-use database and transaction management solutions that reduce your mainframe costs and prevent outages.


BMC MainView improves the availability and performance of your mainframe business systems with proactive monitoring, automation, and storage solutions.

Cost Analyzer for zEnterprise®

BMC Cost Analyzer for zEnterprise is an easy-to-use solution for reducing IBM® MLC costs by anywhere from 5% to more than 20%, through insightful reporting and predictive planning.

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"BMC SQL Performance for DB2 can significantly enhance SQL performance."

— OVUM Group
OVUM white paper: BMC Performance Management for DB2

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