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Deliver greater service with modern ITSM

Meeting the growing needs and expectations of your business customers is a real challenge: they're more tech-savvy, demand greater autonomy and expect instant service.

With BMC Remedy 8, you can mesmerize even the most demanding users with virtual agents, mobile self-service apps and social collaboration tools.

But as you consumerize the IT front-end and interact more closely with customers, you need to industrialize the back-end to bring value to IT, too. Fulfill self-service requests quickly and efficiently with powerful process automation and dynamic workflow integration. Modernize your ITSM today.

Stay one step ahead with BMC Remedy

Make service simple
Simple, easy to use online portal

Make service simple

Make it easy for your customers to get the service and information they need from IT, with a comprehensive and simple to use self-service portal. Keep them productive with useful knowledge base articles, important updates and access to key services tailored to their role. Reduce your IT support staff workload and maximize process efficiency, with configurable and automated service request workflows.

Get a (virtual) helping hand
Meet the BMC Virtual Agent

Get a (virtual) helping hand

Guide your customers through an interactive self-service experience with cutting edge virtual agent technology. Using a simple chat interface, the virtual agent responds to your customer requests: she can search for knowledge, raise requests and direct customers to a live agent as needed. She works 24/7 and can handle frequent requests with total autonomy, freeing up your critical resources.

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Connect, collaborate and share
Social integration

Connect, collaborate and share

Connect and collaborate with your customers in real-time, with integrated social media and chat capabilities. Let your agents share expertise, coordinate resolutions and keep track of critical service information across multiple channels. Embracing new and richer communications technology means a better connected, more coordinated service desk and a happy, productive customer.

Great service anywhere
Mobility anywhere anytime

Great service anywhere

Give your mobile employees the same great customer experience on the move, with a dedicated self-service app for mobile and tablet devices. With the freedom and flexibility to connect to IT from anywhere, you can make sure your employees always stay productive. You can provide easy access to knowledge, key support services and technology resources, all tailored to their role and location.

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Remedy 8.0 What's New

What's New in ITSM

With social collaboration tools like Twitter and Facebook — and a new virtual agent — ITSM 8.0 makes it easy to exceed the expectations of  your most demanding customers.

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