Mainframe Storage Management

Reclaim unused and wasted storage and recover 15% of capacity

Identifies data sets that are unmanageable as well as those that are obsolete

Reclaimed space can drive higher utilization without endangering throughput:

  • Dynamically recover from or prevent space related outages
  • Manage expanding storage resources with flat headcount
  • Drive higher storage utilization

Defer or reduce capital costs for acquisition of new storage through the recovery of existing storage capacity and protect residing data in terms of improved performance and reduced costs.  Minimize the cost of  running  necessary archival and backup solution. Allocate storage resources based on business priorities. All with BMC Mainframe Storage Solutions.

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Your mainframe storage can perform better, save money and be green.  Find out how BMC MainView SRM can help. 

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Optimize the performance, availability and cost of complex z/OS environments.

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