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The digital world opens new windows of risk to IT

An unprecedented amount of personal data is stored, shared, and used daily with astonishingly little protection, making an easy target for today’s hackers. The scale and impact of security breaches have grown exponentially. Medical records fetch top dollar on the dark web, and hospital data centers are held for ransom. Government secrets are stolen and publicized, putting national security at risk.

Organizations are struggling to meet the security demands of the digital world, and fear becoming the next example in the headlines. Many have already been breached and don’t know it yet. Per a recent study by BMC and Forbes Insights of executives around the globe:

  • 97% expect a rise in data breach attempts in the next 12 months
  • 99% plan to invest more in security in the next 12 months than they did in 2015
  • 44% said breaches happen even when vulnerabilities already have fixes identified
Bladelogic Threat Director

Video: IT fights back with BMC SecOps

Reduce security exposure from months to minutes. (0:30)

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Vigilant, precise, relentless automation for the digital era

BMC’s SecOps solutions help security and operations teams become more agile and move to a proactive security position for both cloud and on-premises systems. This enables the teams to more readily embrace key business initiatives related to digital transformation, Internet of Things, continuous delivery, and shadow IT.

Vigilant compliance

Maintain a posture of “audit ready all the time” by making targeted changes only to the parts of a file affected by a compliance violation to avoid overwriting other necessary configurations. Verification confirms changes have achieved compliance. Automatic ongoing audits eliminate the risk of missing recent changes. Integration with IT service management solutions lets IT leverage established change management processes for sensitive changes to ensure risk-free compliance.

Precise threat analytics

Provide operations teams with access to actionable information, such as tracking of vulnerabilities throughout their lifecycle. Using the same data set, security can review and analyze operational plans including predictive SLAs, and burndowns of issues. This allows collaborative decision-making leading to a stronger security stature.

Relentless remediation

Close windows of risk swiftly and efficiently to reduce the attack surface. Automatically link results from scanning tools to the required remediation, then prioritize and filter to identify the most critical issues quickly. Deploy fixes to the affected assets based on policies, SLA, and perceived business impact, ensuring IT teams are responding rapidly and efficiently to threats.

Don’t compromise to achieve IT security – reduce both risk and cost

880 hours to 33 seconds

Reduced time to validate security baselines (Fortune 500 Bank)

30 minutes to < 1 minute

Reduced time to fix known vulnerabilities (Major US Manufacturer)

75% fewer

Reduction in deployment errors (Large European Bank)

With BMC SecOps solutions, you can improve adherence to policies and regulations, reduce known security vulnerabilities, and complete more frequent audits in less time, slashing response time to vulnerabilities by 10X.

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Video: State of Michigan leverages IT automation to safeguard its 10MM citizens

To address security concerns and regulatory mandates such as HIPAA, PCI, and SOX, the State of Michigan partnered with BMC to develop an IT automation portal that provides its citizens with better services at lower cost, less risk, and with greater compliance. (2:16)

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Strengthen your IT security and compliance strategy

BladeLogic Server Automation

BMC BladeLogic Server Automation helps IT rapidly remediate known vulnerabilities, and automate compliance checks for regulatory requirements such as PCI-DSS or security standards like DISA.

BladeLogic Threat Director

BMC BladeLogic Threat Director enables IT operations and security teams to prioritize and remediate threats based on potential impact to the business.

BladeLogic Network Automation

BMC BladeLogic Network Automation enables IT with a policy-based approach to regulatory standards for network management with real-time compliance audit reporting and vulnerability detection and remediation.

BladeLogic Database Automation

BMC BladeLogic Database Automation automates routine administrative tasks and compliance processes, accelerates deployment and patching, and reduces security vulnerabilities by streamlining the database management process.