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BMC Appzone

A corporate store for your enterprise

In BMC AppZone, your employees find the tools they need to do their day-to-day job. Your IT staff finds a cloud-based solution to buy, distribute, and manage hardware, software, and services from any source.

  • Provides quick access to services, hardware, and apps – cloud, mobile, and desktop
  • Drives self-service adoption as users rate, review, and share experiences with peers
  • Lets IT procure products and services at volume discounts from any source, track usage, and manage licenses based on groups and roles
  • Allows bundles of hardware, software, and services for express orders

Video: See AppZone features in action

AppZone gives employees easy access to IT-approved apps and allows them to share peer reviews. (1:30)

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Apps, services, and hardware – all in one store

More than mobile apps

One catalog to order hardware, software, and services.

iTunes and Android integration

Maintain security by granting access only to approved third-party apps and services.

Available everywhere

Runs as native app on iOS and Android devices, and in HTML5 browsers on personal computers.

Easy to use

Get started quickly with no training required.

Social adoption

Strengthen collaboration and productivity—users can review, comment, and share tools.

Bundled packages

Create bundles of hardware, software, and services for specific roles or events, such as on-boarding.

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  • Avoid privacy and liability issues.
  • Maintain enterprise ownership of app licenses.
  • Provide secure access to partners, contractors, and customers.
  • Monitor, blacklist, lock, and wipe devices.
  • Easily integrate with MyIT.
  • Implement and manage applications easily with Lightweight Directory Access Protocol/Active Directory (LDAP/AD) integration.

Make a corporate app store part of a better customer experience


BMC Marketplace helps you quickly create a branded storefront for selling mobile, cloud, and desktop applications to customers and partners.


BMC MyIT is a self-service app that modernizes your business with formless requests, context-aware services and crowdsourced collaboration.


BMC Remedyforce, built on the Salesforce cloud platform, delivers complete IT service management with social, mobile, and collaborative capabilities.