BMC Appzone

An app store for your enterprise

BMC AppZone helps increase productivity, but not complexity. With easy, secure access to a variety of corporate-approved applications—including cloud, mobile, custom, and desktop—users are more connected than ever before.

  • Increase productivity and satisfaction by supporting bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives.
  • Easily acquire and publish internal and external apps with a single, central source of management.
  • Create an intuitive experience with a familiar, consumer-style storefront.
  • Maintain compliance with straightforward management of bulk licenses, including Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP).

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See all the AppZone features

AppZone gives employees easy access to IT-approved apps. (2:55)

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Apps, documents, and more—all in one place

AppZone improves the employee experience by delivering a single access point for external and internal applications, as well as important publications and documents.

Mobile apps and more

Distribute commercial and enterprise applications as well as manuals, documents, and other publications.

iTunes and Android integration

Maintain security by granting access only to approved third-party apps and documents.

Multi-platform, multi-device enabled

Easily meet the needs of mobile, cloud, laptop, and desktop users.

Easy to use

Use apps quickly with little or no training needed.

Social engagement

Strengthen collaboration and productivity—users can review, comment on, and share applications.

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Take a closer look

  • Avoid privacy and liability issues.
  • Maintain enterprise ownership of app licenses.
  • Distribute apps to external users, such as partners, contractors, and customers.
  • Monitor, blacklist, lock, and wipe devices.
  • Easily integrate with MyIT.
  • Implement and manage applications easily with Lightweight Directory Access Protocol/Active Directory (LDAP/AD) integration.

Make a corporate app store part of a better customer experience


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