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Up Sí Vale ensures reliable service delivery with Control-M


faster process execution


human error


service delivery


Mexico-based Up Sí Vale is a part of Groupe Up (Chèque Déjeuner), a financial services provider that serves more than 185,000 customers. Up Sí Vale is an issuer of pre-paid payment cards and electronic wallets, a service that helps companies manage and distribute benefits to employees like pantry vouchers, gasoline credits, and restaurant credits.

The Challenge

As a banking institution, Up Sí Vale’s availability of services and reliability of data are paramount. Prior to finding an automated solution, 85 processes were being executed manually by a team of people working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year. Transferring files and scripts manually was time-consuming, and error prone. The amount of time to execute the processes and their releases was unpredictable and unmanageable, leading to long customer wait times and lower customer satisfaction scores. In particular, a process to protect against fraud and information theft led to significant downtime and customer frustration.

The Solution

Up Sí Vale chose Control-M from BMC for its seamless, time-saving workflow orchestration capabilities. With Control-M, the company’s critical processes were automated, which eliminated inefficiencies, improving the processes and increasing their visibility, predictability, reliability, and security.

  • The time required to execute critical processes was reduced from 8 hours to just 30 minutes.
  • Knowing the time required to run every script allows them to plan more effectively, reduce downtime, and improve customer satisfaction.
  • As the processes run without human intervention, the risk of error, fraud, and loss of information is greatly reduced.
  • With more efficient, secure, and agile processes, customer service and customer experience have both improved greatly, leading to happier customers.

“The most competitive advantage is that customer service improved by making all processes more secure and agile.”

— Srikantan Madhavan, CIO, Up Sí Vale

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