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Transaction Management Tools for IMS

Transaction Management Tools for IMS

Optimize your IMS transaction management

BMC offers a range of products that support IMS Transaction Manager, helping you cut down on the time and money you spend on managing your IMS transaction environment. These products—each sold separately—will help you:

  • Reduce IMS downtime by updating IMS configurations without the need to generate control blocks.
  • Improve your productivity with better insight into transaction processing.
  • Speed up the execution of common transaction management tasks.

Automate tasks and avoid errors

Although each of these utilities tackles a different aspect of the transaction management process, they focus on taking the burden off of your staff and informing them of potential problems before they impact availability. Read on for a quick summary of what each product does and then scroll down for more in-depth descriptions.

  • Master your message queues with Message Advisor for IMS.
  • Use Log Advisor for IMS to put individual transactions into context.
  • Optimize the way IMS Connect is working in your environment with Energizer for IMS Connect.
  • Eliminate the risk of restart errors with Application Restart Control for IMS.
  • Automate IMS change management with Delta Plus products.
  • Streamline Extended Terminal Option changes with Extended Terminal Assist Plus.

“BMC Log Analyzer for IMS helps find deadlock situations very quickly in production and their root cause. It is also a very good tool to proactively find problems in new applications before they reach production.”

— Thomas Trautmann, Database Administrator, Bitmarck Technik GMBH

Find the right tool for the job

Choose from our assortment of standalone IMS products, designed to make IMS Transaction Manager run more smoothly.

  • Message Advisor for IMSTM

    Monitor and manage IMS message queues automatically to prevent outages, with BMC Message Advisor for IMS. This utility significantly improves IMS restart times and it provides a comprehensive set of tools that operate in both shared and local queue environments. Message Advisor for IMS will continuously track the state of the IMS message queues, compare queue usage to user-defined thresholds, send warning messages, and take preventative actions as needed. The product will also automatically identify invalid messages, notify the processing application program, and issue a message to indicate that an outage has been avoided.

    This product is available as a standalone offering

  • Log Analyzer for IMSTM

    BMC Log Analyzer for IMS makes it easy to diagnose problems—such as transaction failures and delays—by correlating log record data into an application flow. The product provides an overview of application processing and helps less experienced technicians understand application flows. It shows transactions in context with all other activity that was occurring in the system. Log Analyzer for IMS enables you to audit user, terminal, database, and other activities. It produces reports to help auditors, security analysts, and administrators track access and usage, and ensure compliance with internal and external regulations.

    This product is available either as a standalone or as part of the following offering: MainView for IMS Management

  • Extended Terminal Assist Plus for IMSTM

    BMC Extended Terminal Assist Plus for IMS complements the Extended Terminal Option (ETO) feature available with IMS. This product’s online interface and dynamic change capabilities allow you to customize ETO systems more quickly, eliminate IMS restarts for system customization changes, and provide a central repository for customization information. With Extended Terminal Assist Plus for IMS, you’ll be able to dynamically activate, deactivate, reload, or check the status of user exits.

    This product is available as a standalone offering

  • Application Restart Control

    Eliminate the risk of restart errors with BMC Application Restart Control—available for Db2, IMS, and VSAM. This utility automates checkpoint creation and tracking, ensuring that you’ll always restart from a reliable point of consistency. Save significant time and CPU consumption with an external filter that scales back excessive checkpoint activity. With Application Restart Control, you’ll be able to reduce—or even eliminate—batch rerun time, while keeping all your data repositories in sync. Quiesce jobs quickly just before a scheduled outage by ending them at a checkpoint, and rely on those same checkpoints for fast, easy recovery from unplanned outages. With minimal implementation requirements and support for a variety of programming languages, Application Restart Control allows you to perform restarts painlessly and efficiently.

    This product is available either as a standalone or as part of the following offering: Recovery for DB2

  • Delta Plus

    BMC Delta Plus was designed for organizations running parallel sysplex, allowing them to make coordinated changes to all of their IMS systems. The utility allows for the dynamic change of IMS resource definitions and provides a check facility verification of IMS changes prior to execution. Delta Plus allows you to add, modify, or delete a variety of IMS elements, including databases (full-function and Fast Path DEDBs), programs, transactions, fast path route codes, ACB or DMB control blocks, terminals, LTERMs, and subpools (requires spare elements). Delta Plus keeps a log of every change made to any IMS definition, with granularity down to individual parameters on each SYSGEN definition.

    This product is available as a standalone offering

  • Delta Plus Virtual Terminal

    Keep your IMS resource definitions up to date easily with BMC Delta Plus Virtual Terminal. This utility eliminates the need for IMSGENs for 3270, SLUP and SLU2 terminals, local and remote LTERMs, and SLU1 and 328x printers. It automatically defines virtual printers to IMS when output is available for eligible printers. Overall, it simplifies IMS virtual device management, with features for automatic device signoff or logoff, automatic dequeue of messages, and automatic exit of conversations.

    This product is available as a standalone offering

  • Delta Plus for DBCTL

    BMC Delta Plus for DBCTL complements the capabilities of BMC Delta Plus by providing the ability to dynamically add, delete, and rename applications and databases in a DBCTL environment. This utiltiy will help you improve IMS end user productivity because the delays and interruptions associated with scheduling an IMSGEN are eliminated. In addition, CICS system programmers will be able to configure DBCTL systems without having to be experts in the preparation and execution of IMSGENs. Delta Plus for DBCTL can also reduce costs by freeing up system programmer time and CPU cycles that were formerly devoted to preparing and executing IMSGENs.

    This product is available as a standalone offering