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BMC Software Subscription Services (SaaS) Support Policy

Our Subscription Services Support Policy has been updated effective August 5, 2021.

This policy defines the support policy for all BMC Subscription Services. Technical support is provided to customers currently subscribed to a BMC Subscription Service, based on the terms and conditions of the customer’s subscription services agreement with BMC and BMC’s current support terms.

Customers with an active subscription service can contact BMC via phone, email, and web during the term of their subscription services order. Support is available through the date of subscription service expiration or subscription service termination, if earlier. Contact your BMC account representative for assistance.

For current support status and product information, sign up for Proactive Alerts and visit the Supported Product A-Z pages. (Proactive Alert email messages and the associated documentation are provided in English only).

This topic includes the following sections to help customers learn more about BMC’s support policy:

Release numbering

BMC uses a Year-Release numbering scheme to designate released versions of the BMC Subscription Services. The format for BMC Subscription Services is:


    YYYY = 4-digit year, RR = release, ZZ = release ID (for example, 202101.82)

All other BMC Subscription Services

  • *YY.R.XX
    YY = 2-digit year, R = release (where winter = 1, spring = 2, summer = 3, fall = 4),
    XX = minor release (for example, 21.3.02)

*Please note that the release numbering for all other BMC Subscription Services outside of Remedyforce will be updating in September 2021.

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Support for BMC Subscription Services

BMC has the following version levels for the BMC Subscription Services:

BMC provides technical support for all released versions of the BMC Subscription Services active in a production state according to the Supported Product A-Z pages *. BMC provides service packs, patches, hot fixes, or workarounds to enable the BMC Subscription Services to operate in substantial conformity with its then-current user guide. Customer Support may recommend that a customer’s system be upgraded to a more current version, release, or service pack of the subscription service if applicable.

BMC has the following version levels for the BMC Subscription Services:

Level Description
A major/yearly deliverable (YY.R or YYYYRR) that is fully functional and can be delivered on the targeted cloud platform. It indicates a major architectural or structural change, new major product capabilities, or possible incompatibility with prior version or significant migration requirements.
XX or ZZ Release
A minor deliverable (XX or ZZ) that is a revision release that maintains compatibility with its major version. Indicates the availability of functional enhancements, new capabilities, and is an overlay/upgrade installation.
In addition to standard yearly versions and minor releases, BMC will create and install two types of fix packs: Service Packs and GA Patches.
Service Packs
A cumulative maintenance deliverable (service pack) that resolves a specific set of defects or releases new features to improve the quality, usability, and performance of the service or underlying product. Service packs are typically released one to three times per year. The BMC team will schedule service pack installations when needed typically during standard maintenance windows.
GA Patches
A deliverable for cumulative critical fixes that cannot wait for a major, minor, or service pack release. GA patches will be included in future releases of the service. The BMC team will schedule GA Patch installations when needed, typically during standard maintenance windows. GA Patches are usually specific to a particular component or application.

BMC will inform customers about current versions, releases, or service packs for the BMC Subscription Services as applicable and coordinate installation.

* Exceptions will be announced via the BMC Support Central web site, Proactive Alerts, and Release Notes for any affected version.

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Service End of Life

  • At any time, BMC may “end of life” a BMC Subscription Service by terminating support for such subscription service.
  • At least 12 months prior to the termination of support, BMC will post a notification to the BMC Support Central web site and send physical or electronic notice to each customer who is subscribed to such BMC Subscription Service to the customer address on file. Unless otherwise mutually agreed with the customer, at no time will access to or support for a BMC Subscription Service end before the subscription service expiration date denoted in the applicable subscription services order.
  • Renewals will not be granted past the date of support termination for any “end of life” BMC Subscription Service.
  • During the timeframe between when an “end of life” notification is posted to the BMC Support Central web site and the actual termination of support, the BMC Subscription Service will be supported as follows:
    • New enhancements or upgrades will not be made to the BMC Subscription Service or any customer environment.
    • BMC will develop new hot fixes for problems of high technical impact or business exposure for customers. With customer input, BMC will determine the degree of impact and exposure and the consequent activities.
    • Research and Development will be engaged on critical cases only and on a limited basis for problem identification.

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Third-Party Products

Support for third-party products integrating to/from a BMC Subscription Service remains the sole responsibility of the customer. The customer is responsible for assuring product compatibility of any third-party product with the installed version of any BMC Subscription Service. Additionally, if a third-party vendor cancels support for one of its products (such as an operating system or subsystem), and that third-party product integrates or interacts with the BMC Subscription Services customer has purchased, the customer must upgrade to a supported version of that third-party product before BMC Support can provide support for the affected integration.

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Each BMC SaaS Subscription Service is updated at least twice per year. When a customer is ready to upgrade the BMC Subscription Services to a newer version, the customer may do so by the following means:

Remedyforce service: Remedyforce offers two options for upgrades: Automatic Upgrade (waiting for BMC to upgrade customer’s ORG) and Self Upgrade (customer performs the upgrade itself according to its own scheduling needs). Customers choosing the Self Upgrade option must do so by the commencement date per the Automatic Upgrade schedule. ORGs that are not Self Upgraded by these dates will default to the Automatic Upgrade option and will be upgraded automatically by BMC.

Control-M service: BMC will upgrade the BMC Helix Control-M Service as necessary, to deliver patches, updates, and new functionality. Upgrades will be backward-compatible with older supported Agent versions and workflows unless otherwise indicated. The timing of upgrades will be at BMC's discretion. BMC will provide at least fourteen days’ notice for production service upgrades, and at least seven days’ notice for non-production service upgrades. Separately, BMC Helix Control-M Agents are components installed and managed by the customer. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that these are upgraded on a regular basis.

All other BMC Subscription Services: BMC will automatically upgrade the BMC Helix subscriptions as necessary, to deliver patches, updates, and new functionality with sufficient notice windows that will vary depending on the activity. You can also submit a Change Request to BMC.

For all BMC Subscription Services, customers are responsible for management of any on-premises integrated system, user acceptance testing, training, and internal communication planning during an upgrade.

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Additional Information

For additional information regarding the availability and support periods of BMC Subscription Services, please visit the full list of our Support Service Levels, BMC Support Customer Impact Definitions, and Supported Product A-Z pages.

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Additional Support Centers

Upgrade Assistance

  • The BMC Assisted Migration Offering (AMIGO) program is designed to assist customers with the planning of product upgrades to a newer version – “Success through proper planning”.
  • Explore AMIGO Program ›