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BMC Support Licensing and Passwords

Licensing and Passwords

BMC BladeLogic Licensing

If you are using a BladeLogic product version prior to 8.2, go to the BMC BladeLogic website to download license keys. If you have questions about licenses or license keys, refer to Requesting Licensing and Password Support.

BMC Client Management, FootPrints and Track-It! Licensing

Remedy Licensing and Passwords

Remedy Licensing

  • If you are using AR System version 7.0.01 or prior, a product license key is required for BMC Remedy Applications, Add-on modules and number of users.
  • If you are using AR System version 7.1.00 or later, a product license key is only required for BMC Remedy AR Server. A valid license from BMC is still required, but a product license key is not.

Remedy License Keys

Please refer to the AR System documentation for information on how to enable a license for this software. You are licensed to use only the capacity that you have purchased pursuant to your license agreement and applicable order. If you have questions about licenses or license keys, please contact Customer Support and refer to Requesting Licensing and Password Support. The links below are only accessible for customers logged into Support Central with a valid Support ID.

This document explains how to make the following requests:

Requesting Licensing and Password Support for all other Products

For Licensing and Password requests not listed above, use the process below. Requests created using the below will expedite the process

  1. Create a new case from the Case Management page.
  2. Complete the Product section.
  3. Select the checkbox: For entitlement and license key/password issues, please check here. Leave the checkbox unchecked for Technical Support requests.
  4. Based on the reason for the request, include the applicable case details in the Description.

    Case Details

    • Your reason for requesting a new password.
    • If machine change, the old machine information and the new machine information and the date of the change.
    • For Disaster Recovery testing, provide the start and end date, the product and the product release level.
    • For a new order, provide your PO number and/or purchase date.
    • Provide your BMC error message if current password is not working and you are receiving an error message.
    • If you are installing a new product release that requires a new password, provide the product name and product release number.
    • Provide the Serial Number for BMC Client Management, FootPrints and Track-It!
  5. Click on Submit Case

Upgrade Assistance

  • The BMC Assisted Migration Offering (AMIGO) program is designed to assist customers with the planning of product upgrades to a newer version – “Success through proper planning”.
  • Explore AMIGO Program ›