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Customization Policy


A customization is any added functionality to a product that is not included in the base (out of the box) installation of that product.

Prioritizing Product Cases

While we will make every effort to address all customer cases in a timely manner, it should be understood that customization cases may be assigned a lower priority than production or installation cases involving base code.

Getting Customization Assistance

The Customer Support Center is available to give general suggestions and assist in troubleshooting point-specific cases. Customer Support can also direct customers to white papers focused on architecture and other resources available on our Web site. The design and development of customizations are the responsibility of the customer/consultant and BMC Consulting Services and BMC partners are available for this purpose. Customer Support will NOT provide code customizations to customers.

Training Requirements

Customers must attend the appropriate product training before attempting any customizations. This training will empower the customer with the necessary knowledge and ability to design and implement simple changes to the base product. Customizations that are more complex should be implemented by BMC Consulting Services or a BMC partner.

Identifying Custom Code

Customers should maintain records and be able to identify all customizations that they have made to their application(s). Customers should keep a centralized file detailing changes that have been made, when they were made and what code was changed. This will help the customer and BMC support identify whether a problem is with the base product or with a customization. This will also aid in the migration or upgrade process to future product versions.

Maintaining Custom Code

Customizations are the responsibility of the customer and must be maintained by the customer. Customer Support does not take ownership of any customized code whether the customer, BMC Consulting Services or a BMC Partner generated it. Serious consideration should be given to all customizations since it will require additional work during future migration or upgrade processes for new product versions.

Additional Support Centers

Upgrade Assistance

  • The BMC Assisted Migration Offering (AMIGO) program is designed to assist customers with the planning of product upgrades to a newer version – “Success through proper planning”.
  • Explore AMIGO Program ›