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Last Update November 25, 2019

BMC Helix Premier Offering Description

BMC Helix Premier is offered at two categories: BMC Helix Premier Success and BMC Helix Premier Success Enterprise. Additionally, BMC offers a Helix Premier Success Advocate as an add-on service available to either Helix Premier or standard Support customers.


The following are the deliverables that will come with an order for the BMC Helix Premier service, for use in connection with a single BMC SaaS offering in one production environment and during local business hours in the region for which BMC Premier Support was contracted. Customers seeking to either cover additional SaaS offerings or extend the geographical coverage for existing SaaS offering shall pay an additional fee. BMC MarketZone Products are not eligible to be enrolled in Premier Support. A list of BMC MarketZone Products is found here.

BMC Helix Premier Success

A subscription for BMC Helix Premier Success shall include the following:

  1. Onboarding Governance and Customer Success Plan:
    The assigned Premier Business Relationship Manager (PBRM) will assist in onboarding Helix Premier Success customers, as well as helping to guide them through support procedures.
  2. Adoption and Enablement Webinars:
    Helix Premier Customers will have access to product adoption and enablement webinars as they are available.
  3. ProApptive Health Check:
    Up to twice a year, Helix Premier Customers will receive a health scan review of their environment with recommendations.
  4. Monthly Governance call:
    Helix Premier Customers will receive a Monthly Governance call to review projects, upcoming releases and case metrics.
  5. Access to Accelerator Library:
    Product Accelerators will be made available to all Helix Premier Customers to help maximize use of the BMC SaaS offering. A list of BMC Accelerators can be found here.
  6. Monthly Operations Reports:
    As part of the Helix Premier Service, customers will receive monthly reports from their PBRM outlining metrics around license utilization, support ticket response and customer service delivery.

BMC Helix Premier Success Enterprise

BMC also offers Helix Premier Success Enterprise. Customers who purchase this service shall receive all the benefits of Helix Premier plus the additional services set forth below:

  1. Assignment of a designated Premier Support Architect (PSA) to perform the following tasks:
    • Participate in project release milestones
    • Participate in upgrades, patches and accelerators
    • Drive open issues to closure within support and customer engineering
    • Advocate for enhancement requests

The PSA may also run tests customers’ SaaS test environment for in an effort to reproduce customer application support related issues and for testing patches provided by customer engineering. They may also assist in upgrade use case scenarios and testing in the SaaS test environment.

  1. ProApptive Health Check:
    Helix Premier Enterprise Customers will receive up to four health scans per year. Recommendations based on these quarterly Health Scan Reviews will be made available to them and may serve as input to understand the overall health of your Helix installation.
  2. Onsite Quarterly Strategic Review:
    Helix Premier Enterprise Customers will have access to an onsite strategic review, with the appropriate BMC resources to align the Helix service with the needs and direction of the customer’s business.
  3. Escalation Management (Incident, Problem, Change Management):
    Helix Premier Enterprise Customers will have a path for escalating incidents, problems and change management issues through a Premier Business Relationship Manager (PBRM) or PSA.
  4. Weekly Governance Call:
    Helix Premier Enterprise Customers shall be entitled to have weekly calls with members of the Premier team to discuss the progress of projects, deliverable and initiatives.
  5. Real time Federated chat access to PBRM & PSA:
    Helix Premier Enterprise Customers will have access to best practices, advice and guidance regarding the products under the Premier Support agreement. Helix Enterprise customers will also have access to a Premier Business Relationship Manager (PBRM) as well as a Premier Support Architect (PSA) via Federated Skype.
  6. Development of custom Operation reports:
    Helix Premier Enterprise customers will receive up to three custom reports a month from their PBRM for such areas as: support ticket response, customer service and delivery, security and compliance, license utilization on an annual and or monthly basis.

BMC Helix Premier Success Advocate

BMC Helix Premier Success Advocate (PSA) Service provides the deliverables listed below for one BMC Helix instance, during local business hours in the region in which BMC Helix Premier Success is contracted. Customers may extend the service or geographic coverage with additional investment.

The BMC Helix Premier Success Advocate Service provides customers with a single point of contact for issue oversight and advocacy within BMC. The PSA will also monitor and drive technical issues and escalations whilst providing a point of contact for customer management as an additional resource for Support Advocacy.

  1. Assignment of a Premier Success Advocate to perform the following tasks:
    • Conduct regular operational reviews with customer management
    • Monitor and drive high priority technical issues
    • Coordinate resources, activities and communication for critical Escalation Management
    • Review status of open defects and request for enhancements
  1. Service Delivery Review:
    Helix Premier Success Advocate customers, remotely or through visits to the customer site (up to 2 per year), shall be entitled to an in-depth review of the value delivered by Premier, support trending and analysis reports, and strategic planning with alignment to future support requirements.
  1. Governance Call contribution:
    Helix Premier Success Advocate customers, typically on a monthly cadence, review the progress of projects and initiatives, as well as the status of open high priority issues, helping set correct priorities and reduce resolution times.

Upgrade Assistance

  • The BMC Assisted Migration Offering (AMIGO) program is designed to assist customers with the planning of product upgrades to a newer version – “Success through proper planning”.
  • Explore AMIGO Program ›