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Submit Issue Help

Customer Impact | Contact Method | Alternate Phone | Product Selection | Special Contact Instructions | Summary and Details | Save & Continue | Add Attachment | Select Environment Profile | Check Contact Detail

Customer Impact:

Select the option which most accurately reflects the impact the problem you are reporting has on your business service.


  • 4-Low: Non-critical issues, general questions, enhancement requests, or documentation issues.
  • 3-Medium: Moderate impact to the business service, major application, or systems; no data has been lost, and the business service, application, or system is still functioning. The issue may be temporarily circumvented using an available workaround.
  • 2-High: The business service, major application, or system is seriously affected or implementation stopped. No acceptable workaround is available.
  • 1-Critical: Issue critically affects the primary business service, major application, or mission critical system. Customer resources must be available and willing to work on a 24x7 basis with BMC to resolve the issue.

Characteristics of a Severity 1 issue include:

  • Business service is not operational
  • Production system crashes
  • Data integrity at risk
  • Production backup and recovery operations fail

Contact Method:

Please identify how you would like to be contacted regarding this issue.
The default contact method is email. You may select your preferred method of contact from the available list

Alternate Phone:

Use this if you prefer to be contacted at a number different than the one on your Login Profile. This number will not update your Login Profile; it will only apply to this Issue
You can provide special instructions about how and when to use the alternate number in the Special Contact Instructions field below.

Product Selection:

Please identify the BMC product you are raising an issue about.

All issues require a unique product and version to be specified. The Component field optional, and may result in a faster resolution.

Category (optional)
Selecting a Category will limit the product selection list to a single product family.

Product (required)
A product name can be selected from the drop-down list. Or, if you know the product name, begin typing it in the Product field, a filtered list containing the string you have entered will display.
Selecting the ‘My Product List’ button to the right will display only your customized product list in the drop-down. The list can be updated at this time using the ‘Edit My Product List’ link.

When you locate the desired product name, select it from the displayed list.

Version (required)
Pick the product version from the available list.

Add Products Button (optional)
Once you have selected a Product and Version, a button labeled "Add Products" will be displayed to the right of the Component Version field. If the problem you are reporting involves BMC products which are integrated with each other, you may click the Add Products button and provide the names and versions of the other products involved. Providing this additional context for the problem may result in a faster resolution.

Component (optional)
Selecting a Component, if known, may result in a faster resolution.

License Issues
Please identify if this issue pertains to your product’s license or password by answering yes to the license question.

Special Contact Instructions:

Utilize this field if you have any special instructions on how to contact you about this Issue. An example might be telling us the alternate contact number is only valid today, and after today to use the one on your contact record. You could also use this field to direct our response to a co-worker if you are going to be out of the office.

Summary and Details:

Use the Summary for a brief description of the symptom you are reporting.

In Details, describe the problem as completely as possible. Please mention any recent changes to your environment, and provide as many details as possible about the activities you were performing prior to encountering the problem. Providing this information in the initial submission will allow us to get the Issue to the right team more quickly.

Save & Continue

Clicking Save & Continue preserves the information entered into the Issue or update to that point, but does not submit it. Fields required to submit an Issue or update are not mandatory for Save & Continue. Use this option if you are interrupted when submitting an Issue or update. Pending items may be accessed to be submitted (or cancelled) from Support Central, the Issue Management page, the View / Update Issues form, and the Submit New Issue form. Attachments are not saved when using Save & Continue.

Add Attachment, Select Environment Profile, and Check Contact Detail:

These buttons allow you to optionally attach a screen capture, log file, etc.; specify an environment profile for this Issue, and verify the information on your contact record. Attachments are not saved when using Save & Continue.

Add Attachment
Add or remove attachments that may help to provide insight into the symptoms you are reporting.

Select Environment Profile
Specifying the affected environment for your Issues allows us to direct the Issue to the appropriate team more quickly, which speeds resolution. You can do that more efficiently by pre-defining operating systems, databases, patch levels, etc., and naming them. Once defined, they can be selected and associated with Issues. You can manage your environment profiles by clicking the “Select Environment Profile” button, and then clicking the link “Manage Profiles.”

Check Contact Details
Review and verify that the contact information in your Login Profile is correct.

If the data is incorrect, you may provide an alternate phone and special contact instructions above. The data in your Login Profile is managed under My Support Profile. If your email address has changed, please call your local BMC Support Office.