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Standard and SMP/E Installation comparison

Comparing Standard and SMP/E installation methods

Note: Standard and SMP/E installation files are available on the same tapes and tape sets.

Standard installation

Most product sets can be unloaded and ready to customize in less than one hour.

A fully operational SMP/E environment can be created more quickly by using a Standard installation method, and then running the JCL job to step up the SMP/E environment, including the zone and the required libraries and data sets.

You can add a new product to product sets that use the Standard installation method by by using an SMP/E installation path and installing the incremental product into the existing SMP/E environment that was set up. All required product maintenance is preapplied to the target libraries before a master tape is created.

A Standard installation tape must be installed into a new set of data sets. To add one product to your installed set of products, you have two choices:

  • Reinstall all products by doing a new Standard installation of all products that you have in your standard installation environment and any others you want to add.
  • Use the SMP/E installation files on the tape that contains the new product and then, using the SMP/E installation method, install the new product into the same SMP/E zone of the existing products that already have the existing SMP/E environment set up.

View Standard installation information.

SMP/E installation

If you have an SMP/E installation team, you can give your BMC Software SMP/E installation tape to your team and expect that it will be installed and maintained by that team.

SMP/E installations require considerably more time than Standard installations (up to five times longer) than an IEBCOPY of a Standard installation. 

You can apply an SMP/E installation tape on top of previously installed OS/390 and z/OS products that were installed by using the SMP/E method or the Standard method (if both phases were completed successfully, and the SMP/E environment (all zones, libraries, and data sets) were set up)).

View SMP/E installation information.