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Remedy Usage Report Instructions

If you are not running AR Server v7.1 or higher, please inform License_compliance_office@bmc.com

If you have AR servers set up in a server group and have not recently installed any new patches, you will need to apply the appropriate license audit fix for the usage reports. To obtain the license audit fix, please open an issue with BMC Customer Support. If you are already register ed on the BMC Web site, you can go to http://www.bmc.com/support, login, click on Issue Management to create an issue. In the summary, add “License Audit Fix.” If you are not registered, you can email customer_care@bmc.com and request the “License Audit Fix”. When logging a ticket via the Customer Support site or customer_care@bmc.com, please make sure you have the following information ready:

  • Support Contract or ID
  • AR Server version
  • Platform and Database

Please click here for more information about the fix.

If you have stand-alone AR servers or if you have recently installed new patches, please follow the instructions below and send back the requested files to the license_compliance_office@bmc.com

Optional: New License Usage Collection Utility:
You can also use the BMC License Usage Collection Utility to gather and view license usage reports for your BMC product deployments.

Current products supported by the utility include: Bladelogic Database Automation, Bladelogic Server Automation, Bladelogic Network Automation, BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping, and Remedy AR Server System (which includes BMC Rem edy ITSM).


  • Please return the following reports/files from each AR System Server that is running on V7.1.00 or higher in your system:
    • Usage Report – ReportResult.csv file
    • License Report – Licensereport.txt file
  • Please provide the following information for each of the servers:
    • Server Function: Production, Development, Hot Backup (HBU), etc
    • Server Grouping: Stand - alone or in a server group
    • Host ID and/or License Key
  • In order to account for all permanent or temporary AR System server licenses v7.1 or higher requested, please describe the reason for any licenses ordered but not in use


You may choose to either use the “Add or Remove License” console or manually run the produse executable. You do not need to do both.

Use the “Add or Remove License” console:

  • Log into AR System as an administrator
  • From the AR System Administration Console, click System > Add or Remove Licenses
  • Click on the “Generate License Usage Report” button at the bottom
  • Run the report for a trailing 12 month period, starting from today and going back 12 months
  • A ReportResult.csv file is generated. Please send back this file to BMC in .csv format

Run the produse executable

  • Log into AR System as an administrator
  • Run the command produse
  • A ReportResult.csv file is generated. Please send back this file to BMC in .csv format


The file is located in the default log directory.

  • On Windows: /<InstallDir>/ARSserver/db
  • On Unix: /<InstallDir>/bin/db