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Installation Checklist Generator Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does the Installation Checklist Generator do for me?

    The Installation Checklist Generator creates a list that summarizes your installation tasks and product requirements (regarding software, storage, and library allocations). You can highlight your installation tasks or requirements by product and print them out.

  • How do I use the Installation Checklist Generator?

    Select the products you wish to install from the Available Product List window and click the single left arrow (>) to move them to the Selected Product List window. To clear a selection, click the single right arrow (<). When you have selected all the products you want to install together, click the Generate Checklist button and a new window will appear. On the initial tab, you see the Installation Checklist. On the second tab, you see the Installation Requirements for your products. You can highlight different products to see their unique requirements together with the complete installation requirements. To select all products or clear all selected products, click the double arrows.

  • Can I run the Installation Checklist Generator while I am not connected to the Internet?

    It is preferable to use the ICG while connected to the Internet because the hyperlinks to your product manuals point to the support pages on the BMC Software web site. The manuals are also available from your product documentation CD, so if you are not connected to the Internet you can click the link for the ICG, select your products, and generate the checklist. You can manually link to the documents that are referenced by your checklist.