Support Policy for Virtualized Platforms

Last Update September, 2009

Virtualization technology provides a layer of abstraction between the computing, storage, and networking hardware, and the software that runs on it. This technology enables users to run additional operating systems in multiple windows called virtual machines (VMs).

BMC welcomes the running of its products in the leading virtual environments such as VMware. In general BMC products are fully supported running under virtual environments subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • BMC service agreements and specific constraints and exceptions described in product-specific documentation do apply (including, among others, release notes and knowledge base articles). When there is a conflict between this general statement and product-specific documentation, the product documentation prevails.
  • Support for any virtual environment is conditioned on support for the guest operating system under which the BMC product is running in the virtual machine.
  • In the event that a reported problem is most likely caused by the virtualization software, BMC may require customers to install available patches or a new release of the virtualization software.

For product specific questions regarding virtualization platforms, customers should check product documentation or contact a BMC representative.