Mainframe Installation

The Installation System provides consistent processes (distribution, installation, configuration and maintenance) for MainView products, Cost Optimization products, most BMC products for the IBM® DB2® environment, and most BMC products for the IBM IMS environment - along with those products' associated components, solutions and families.

  • Installation System - Describes the Installation System and helps you start the installation process
  • Documentation - Describes the types of Mainframe Documentation available and where to locate it on the website. Includes links to Quick Course Videos.
  • Supported Products - Lists the products and solutions that use the Installation System
  • Product Codes and FMIDs - List of names, codes, versions, and FMIDs of products and solutions
  • Sample JCL - Provides links to the sample JCL used to download the Installation System
  • FTP - ESD Sites - Login information for FTP and ESD sites
  • FAQs - Answers to frequently asked questions

For information about PTFs, RSLs, and other maintenance, please see Mainframe Maintenance.