Customize your view – Licensed Product View

EPD is designed to allow you to see only what you want to see.

There are three controls that are used to enable this:

1. Support IDs in your profile

The Profile Tab in EPD is the place to make adjustments to what you will see on EPD tabs.
The Support IDs in your profile drive the products you can see.
Frequently EPD Users have multiple support ids each with their own products.
By adding additional support IDs EPD will display any net new products from the added IDs.

2. Profile Platform

When setting up the profile tab, be sure to set only the Platforms that you care about to eliminate unwanted clutter.
You can add additional Profiles to provide multiple views for you if you wish. You can select which profile you wish to by selecting the control dropdown at the top left of the Licensed Products Tab.

3. Favorites

The Favorites selection box, and show favorites toggle on the Licensed Product tab allow you to set and view only the products you want to see.
This will allow you to remove products from your view as desired to cut down unwanted clutter.