Help Finding Products

If you are having trouble locating a product or component the following should help:

  1. Possible Profile Set-up problems: 
    • Ensure that you have the support Id with the asset you are looking for in your profile.These are sent to customers via email from BMC in two forms:
      • Order Confirmation email
      • Order Detail Report email
    • Ensure you are not accidently filtering out the product due to your profile platform filter settings.
      • Example if you are looking for a Mainframe product but do not have Z/OS platform checked in your profile then those mainframe items are not going to be visible.
        This is easy to correct by navigating to the Profile tab and selecting the Z/OS platform. Finally save your the profile.
  2. Make sure to look within the Solution Suites for the component.
    • EPD nests the Suite components under the versions. This is done to keep the compatible versions of components within the suite versions.

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Licensed Add On components

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