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Manage your Support Central Account

Your Support Central account helps us tailor your support experience according to the BMC products you use. Keeping your account up to date with contact information, current product licenses and support contract ID details makes it easier for our Customer Care team to serve you. 

Tools for managing your Support Central Account can be found under the first menu item on the Support Central Page (Figure 4):

Figure 4

Below you'll find detailed instructions for editing your support profile, managing your product licenses and passwords, and exploring the other resources available from the 'My Support' menu.

NOTE: If you're looking for help with the first link on this menu, 'Case and Defect Management,' please refer to the Submit & Track Support Cases section of this guide.

  • View and edit your support profile

    Most of your account information is accessible from the ‘My Support’ menu, by clicking the My Support Profile link. Below is tour of the different features of your Support Profile, including instructions for how to manage each aspect of it.

    My Login Profile

    1 - My Login Profile

    Clicking on this link will take you to a page where you can modify your contact information and login credentials.

    Alternative Text

    You’ll use this page anytime you need to update the name and phone number on the account, change your login password, or review your support contract status. If your organization is a BMC partner, you can enter your partner credentials for access to partner-specific resources. Also, you can request access to BMC Academy trainings from this page, as well.

    2 - Manage Support IDs

    Clicking on this link will take you to a page where you can add or edit Support Contract IDs, as well as view other users registered with the same contract ID.

    Alternative Text

    At the top of the page, you can remove Support IDs from your profile, and add additional Support IDs to your account. From the table below, you can review the Support Contract IDs associated with your account. To edit an existing Support Contract, tick the Action box in the table and click on of the buttons on top:

    • Remove Support ID/User - Click this button to remove Support IDs associated with your account. Customer Admins are able to remove users from their support ID.
    • Allow to Create Case - This is only available for Customer Admins. Allow or disable access to open cases directly with BMC Software by clicking this button.
    • Add Support IDs - Click this button to add additional Support IDs to your account.
    • Select Support ID - This dropdown menu allows you to view a list of every user that is registered with the selected Support ID. Customer Admins can use this list to remove users from the support ID, and restrict access to open case with BMC Software.
      NOTE: Customer Administrators will have access to remove users from their Support ID, restrict access to open cases with BMC Software and change the pin associated with the Support ID to prevent other users from registering with it. If a Customer Admin changes the pin associated with a Support ID, the admin will then be the gatekeeper for that support ID, and all requests for the support ID and pin will be routed through them. You can request administrative privileges by emailing customer_care@bmc.com.

    3 - Proactive Notification Subscriptions

    The links beneath this heading will enable you to subscribe to notifications for any BMC products you choose. 

    NOTE: For more help with this, refer to the Additional My Support links section, below

  • Request product licenses

    You can find help for requesting product licenses in the ‘My Support’ menu, by clicking the Licensing and Passwords link.

    On the top of the page you’ll find instructions for requesting license information for Remedy products. Follow the links to request new or trial licenses, purge existing licenses, or upgrade your license files.

    NOTE: For help with Remedy license requests, please refer to the instructions found here.

    Further down the page, under the ‘Product Password Requests’ you can follow the instructions to request passwords for other BMC products.

  • Additional My Support links

    Aside from the topics we’ve covered above, there are a number of other useful resources linked to from the ‘My Support’ menu. Below you’ll find a brief description of what each of the other menu links is useful for.

    • Case and Defect Management: Click this link if you’re looking to submit or manage support cases for your account.

      NOTE: Remember, you can find help with these tools in the Submit & Track Support Cases section of this guide.

    • Support Offerings: Click this link to read an overview of the different types of support contracts BMC offers. This page is useful if you have any questions about the service level that your Support Contract entitles you to.
    • Maintenance & Invoices Queries: Click this link to make requests about invoices, your customer account, or maintenance agreements for your products.
    • Customer Support Policies: Click this link to review, in detail, the policies governing your BMC Support Contracts.
    • Favorite Products & Alert Subscriptions: Click this link to add your favorite BMC products and/or manage your subscription to BMC product alert emails. On this page, you’ll see a list of products.

    Use the search box to find product(s) that you want to mark as your favorite BMC products. Subscribe to product alerts by clicking on the toggle button in the ‘Alerts’ column. Use the ‘All products’, ‘My Supported Products’ and ‘My Selection’ tabs to filter the product list as required.

    • ‘My Selection’ restricts the list of products to just your favorite BMC products and alert subscriptions.
    • ‘My Supported Products’ restricts the list to just those products that you are supported on by virtue of having added the relevant Support IDs to your profile.
    • The ‘Supported’ column of the table shows you if you are currently supported to download, use and log support cases for a BMC product.
    • The ‘Subscribed’ column in the table shows you if you are currently subscribed to Product Alert emails for a BMC product. Slide the switch to subscribe to a product’s alert emails. Slide it off to unsubscribe.
    • The ‘Favorited’ column shows you if a BMC product is in your favorites. Click the star to favorite a product. This will personalize the BMC website and BMC web applications for you. Clear the favorite star to unfavorite a product.
    • You can see a description of the various product alert types here.

    To unsubscribe, slide the sliders in the ’Your BMC product subscriptions’ section to the off position. If you need help click the chat icon to chat with our Customer Care team.