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Getting Started with Support Central

BMC Support Central is designed to make it as easy as possible to get help with your BMC products. This user guide will introduce you to the Support Central interface, walk you through the different resources available, and provide detailed step-by-step instructions for completing common support tasks.

This page will get you started with Support Central. You'll first need to check your web browser compatibility and create a user account and then log into the site. From there, you'll have access to Support Central's features.

See below for detailed instructions, or refer to the Table of Contents for help with other support tasks.

New to BMC? Start with New Customer Orientation or Navigating Support Central Video

  • Web browser compatibility

    For the best experience with BMC Support Central, we recommend using one of the browsers listed below. While aspects of Support Central may function correctly with other browsers, the site has been tested with, and is fully supported for a specific set of browsers. Click here to see the list of supported browsers.

  • Register on Support Central

    Before you get started, you’ll need to have a copy of your BMC Order Detail document in front of you.

    NOTE: You should have received this via email when you ordered your product(s).

    To register on the Support Central site:

    1. Go to https://www.bmc.com/support. You’ll see a light grey menu bar with two links on the right. Click Register.
    2. On the next page, check the box next to ’Are you a current/future BMC Customer?
      NOTE: If your company is a BMC partner, you can select the second checkbox to request access to partner-specific resources.

    3. A registration form will appear. Fill out the top section of the form with your name, phone number, email, and a password to use for the Support Central site.

    4. At the bottom of the section, check the ‘Access to BMC Support’ box. Another section of the form will appear.
    5. This is where you’ll need your Order Detail document. In the table with your product information, you should see two columns off to the right that say ‘Support ID’ and ‘Support ID Password.’
      Support ID and Support ID password on Order Detail document
    6. In the ‘Support Contract ID’ text box, enter the number from the ‘Support ID’ column on your Order Detail sheet.
    7. In the ‘Contract Password (PIN)’ text box, enter the number from the ‘Support ID Password’ column.
    8. Click the Validate button to check if your support credentials are current.
    9. Fill out the ‘Job Function,’ ‘Primary Role,’ and ‘Support Language’ fields.
      NOTE: You can also click the ‘Access to BMC Academy’ and ‘Yes, BMC Software Inc. may send me email’ checkboxes, if you’d like to request access to these additional resources.

    10. Enter the text that appears in the Captcha image for verification.
    11. Read the Legal Disclaimer for details on how we use your personal information.
    12. Check the ‘I agree to BMC Privacy Policy’ checkbox.
    13. Click the Submit button to complete the registration process.
    14. If your registration has been completed successfully, you’ll see a confirmation screen that looks like this:

    15. The final step is validating your registration via email. You’ll receive a message from customer_care@bmc.com with the subject line ‘BMC Account Validation.’
    16. Open the email and click the validation link to activate your account.
    17. After you’ve validated your email, we’ll send you one more email confirming that your registration is complete.
    18. You can now log into the Support Central site.
  • Log into Support Central

    When you land on the Support Central homepage you’ll want to log in immediately. Logging in will give you access to our personalized self-help tools and our extensive collection of customer-only resources.

    You’ll need to have on hand the email address and password you used when you registered your Support Central account.

    NOTE: For help registering, see previous section.

    To log into Support Central:

    1. Go to https://www.bmc.com/support. You’ll see a light grey menu bar with two links on the right. Click Login.
    2. On the next screen, enter your login credentials (your ‘Username’ is your full email address) and click Sign In.
      NOTE: If this is your first time logging in, the next screen will prompt you to choose a security image. Select one of the image thumbnails, and then click Create My Account.

    3. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be returned to the Support Central homepage.
    4. You now have full access to the Support Central resources.
      NOTE: For an overview of the Support Central homepage, refer to the Overview of the Support Central dashboard section, below. For help with specific Support Central features, please consult the other sections of this guide.

  • Overview of the Support Central dashboard

    The Support Central dashboard will serve as your main point of interaction with the BMC support pages. Figure 3 below is an overview of the different elements of the Support Central dashboard, with a basic description of what you’ll find in each.

    Figure 3

    1 - Main Support Menu This menu is the main navigation tool for the resources on Support Central. The menus are organized by topic:

    • My Support: In this menu, you’ll find detailed information about your products and licenses, as well as your support profile.
      NOTE: For help with the pages in this menu, refer to the Manage Your Support Central Account section of this guide.
    • Downloads & Products: In this menu, you’ll find tools for downloading products and patches.
      NOTE: For help with the pages in this menu, refer to the Download Products & Updates section of this guide.
    • Resources: In this menu, you’ll find links to the BMC Knowledge Base, user documentation, and information on product availability and compatibility.
      NOTE: For help with the pages in this menu, refer to the Find Detailed Product Info section of this guide.
    • Additional Support Centers: In this menu, you’ll find additional, brand-specific support resources.
    • Contact Support: In this menu, you’ll find contact information for our regional support offices.
      NOTE: For help with the pages in this menu, refer to the Additional Support Resources section of this guide.

    2 - Account Menu The account menu has direct links to your account information. You can edit your Support Contract IDs, manage your user profile, log out of Support Central, and view any notifications about upcoming service interruptions from this menu.
    NOTE: For help with the pages in this menu, refer to the Manage Your Support Account section of this guide.

    3 - Case Management These buttons provide a quick and easy way to create and manage support cases.
    NOTE: For help with support cases, refer to the Submit & Track Support Cases section of this guide.  

    4 - Customer Care Shortcut - If you are ever stuck and would like immediate assistance, click the ‘Need Help?’ tab to open up a chat window with BMC’s Customer Care team. 
    NOTE: For additional information about our Chat feature, refer to the Customer Care Chat section of this guide