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BMC provides SMP/E-based product maintenance. PTFs are available as periodic Recommended Service Level (RSL) maintenance, in PTF batches that you define, or as individual PTFs. When you install a product, all currently recommended maintenance is applied.

Product maintenance is handled by the maintenance component of the Installation System. The maintenance component obtains and processes PTFs by using one of the following methods:

  • BMC Internet Service Retrieval (BMC ISR) (the BMC recommended method)

    Use this method for RSLs, batches of PTFs, or individual PTFs. You can use BMC ISR to schedule maintenance, or use BMC ISR on demand. For detailed information, see Preparing to use BMC ISR.

  • BMC Software Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) or physical media

    You can order physical media by contacting your local support center or by sending an e-mail to customer_support@bmc.com. For detailed information about using ESD for maintenance, see Maintenance files.

  • eFix PTF Distribution Services (eFix)

    Use this method for individual PTFs. For detailed information about eFix, see the online Help on the eFix web page.

BMC supports Enhanced HOLDDATA (including SMP/E FIXCAT Enhanced HOLDDATA categories), which is a single source of ERROR-type ++HOLDs. The BMC implementation of Enhanced HOLDDATA uses the same published format as the IBM Enhanced HOLDDATA. For more information, see: