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BMC Helix Cloud Cost optimizes multi-cloud resource costs, eliminating wasted spend and preventing budget over-runs.

Optimize multi-cloud costs

  • Provide self-service views to budget owners and stakeholders for insight into their cloud spend and budget
  • Prevent budget over-runs with predictive analytics and automated alerts of potential overspending
  • Eliminate wasted spend with automated recommended actions for right-sizing cloud resources
  • Automatically identify and schedule workloads that use cloud resources intermittently
  • Maximize your cloud investment by effectively using reserved instances

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Optimize cloud resource usage


With so many cloud buyers, continuous cost optimization is essential. What cloud services have been purchased? How are they being used? Without routine analysis and continuous optimization of cloud resource usage, you are guaranteed to overspend.

  • Terminate idle and unused resources
  • Right-size over-provisioned resources
  • Establish power schedules for candidate workloads
  • Effectively use reserved instances
  • Automate optimization actions

Stay in control of your budget and spend


Managing cloud operations budgets can be challenging. Do you know what your cloud spend is on any given day and how it compares to your operational budget? How are you preventing budget overruns?

  • Detect anomalous spending that could lead to budget overruns
  • Establish thresholds and notifications to prevent budget overruns
  • Forecast future spend and budget
  • Track and manage spend and budget by project, application, or environment
  • Self-service views for budget owner, business owners, and stakeholders

Stay informed and in control


Everyone needs to be held accountable for their cloud use. Establishing business policies that govern and control who, how, and what can be purchased—and where—is important for managing cloud use and costs.

  • Gain visibility of your spend by service and account
  • Create organizational and custom tenant views of cloud resources, spend, and budget
  • Establish guardrail policies for cloud buying and usage
  • Plan for cloud migrations and understand potential costs

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