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Application Performance Management

Detect and resolve application performance issues 10x faster

Application performance management (APM) leverages artificial intelligence to help IT organizations and application owners, support and developers manage the performance of business critical applications.

Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) powers APM to run applications at their best

  • Monitor performance and troubleshoot issues leveraging machine learning and advanced analytics to catch issues before they impact end users
  • Find the root cause of issues faster through probable cause analysis to score and weight events most likely related to degraded performance
  • Prioritize and assign events to minimize event sprawl with intelligent notifications based on dynamic behavioral learning
  • Discover and define applications to identify impacted tiers and troubleshot issues faster
  • View application and infrastructure contextualize and troubleshoot impacted components of the application stack
Unplanned application downtime costs up to $2.5 billion per year 1
Infrastructure failures can cost up to $100,000 per hour 1
Critical application failures can cost up to $1 million per hour 1

The path to better application performance

See application tiers in a single view

See application tiers in a single view
  • Show problems and events associated with an application or set or applications
  • Easily drill into any tier (e.g. web or database)
  • See information about the underlying infrastructure affecting that tier of the application

Simulate application behavior

Simulate application behavior
  • Test mobile and web application performance
  • Isolate and resolve performance problems in cross-platform systems
  • Test a range of enterprise environments without changing test scripts

Understand the customer experience

Understand the customer experience
  • Monitor real user usage trends and KPI’s
  • See end-user transactions in real time
  • Monitor the end user experience of cloud hosted applications

Trace transactions to pinpoint problems

Trace transactions to pinpoint problems
  • Automatically discover and map application topology
  • Monitor the key business transactions for each defined or discovered application
  • Drill down to view trace details of the application flow as well as the code-level stack at run time

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