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BMC AMI Defender products deliver mainframe access data to your distributed SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) system in real time, for a unified, multi-platform view of enterprise security events.

Real-time, cross-platform views of security event data in a single console

  • Enables users to view mainframe RACF, CA ACF2, CA Top Secret, z/OS® and Db2® events in real time and in a more cost effective manner than batch
  • Adheres to industry and regulatory standards such as GDPR, ISO 27001, FISMA, GLBA, PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, and IRS Pub. 1075 which mandate real-time alerting and auditing on production systems including z/OS
  • Displays other mainframe security events such as TS0 logons, production job abends, IND$File, TCP/IP and FTP connections, console messages, and audit creation or deletion of systems level objects
  • Easy to configure and deploy with out-of-the-box security alerts and support for all major SIEM vendors including Splunk, LogRhythm, IBM® Security QRadar®, Micro Focus ArcSight, Dell (RSA), and McAfee

Connect with a mainframe security expert

Monitor critical mainframe systems for security events

Get real-time visibility into who, when, and how z/OS is accessed

Deep Visibility
  • Monitors and alerts on attempts to alter the secure state of Db2, down to the SQL statements
  • Capable of alerting on a wide range of mainframe activity in real time to comply with data security standards and laws
  • Tracks and audits how users with root or admin privileges are accessing critical data
  • Logs and alerts on valid and invalid logical access attempts and sends to your SIEM system (PCI DSS standard)
  • BMC AMI Command Center for Security provides the GUI front end that enables your team to view dashboards tailored to the z/OS platform

Rely on up-to-the-second data activity monitoring for critical mainframe databases

BMC AMI Defender
  • Helps ensure compliance with industry and other regulatory standards
  • Monitors privileged users and audits invalid logical access attempts
  • Records Db2 Utilities, DDL statements, Db2 console commands, Db2 object access, and other user activity linked to Db2
  • Supports both static and dynamic SQL

Protect your sensitive IMS data with real-time monitoring and alerts

Protect your sensitive IMS data
  • Helps ensure compliance with industry and other regulatory standards
  • Monitors privileged users and audits invalid logical access attempts
  • Tracks dataset accesses and attempts to insert data into message buffers
  • Automatically formats IMS logs for use between z/OS and your SIEM

Getting started BMC AMI Defender is easy