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Delivering Value to Today’s Digital Enterprise
The State of IT Service Management, 2017

From BMC and Forbes Insights

As the pace of digital business accelerates, companies need their IT organizations to focus on innovation, not in-the-trenches maintenance. BMC and Forbes Insights conducted a global survey of more than 250 senior-level executives to examine the state of IT service management today—and its role in digital transformation.

We found that increasing investments in ITSM leads to wide and varied benefits for digital transformation, including increased transparency into systems, greater flexibility, enhanced development productivity, and a better ability to add new services. And the impact isn’t limited to digital transformation—ITSM also plays a role in cloud computing, mobility, and big data. Indeed, for companies of all types and industries, ITSM has become a core enabler of the initiatives that drive competitive advantage.

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SecOps Survey

Key Survey Results

Believe the pace of IT change and transformation is increasing
Believe the time, money, and resources spent on ongoing maintenance and management are affecting competitiveness
Believe that ITSM is relevant to their digital transformation efforts
Have maintained or increased their expenditure on ITSM over the past three years

A sample from the insights included in the report

“The absence of ITSM is like having a brand-new, state-of-the-art sports car, but with no systems or gauges of any kind to tell you when something is going wrong. It can be great for a while, but eventually it’s going to result in a catastrophic failure.”

Sean Kirby
Vice President, Support Center, Buchanan Technologies

"You have to put leaders in place who are willing to be innovative, creative, and who are willing to be disruptive and willing to do things differently than they’ve done for years. Break some glass."

Monika Fahlbusch
SVP and Chief Employee Experience Officer, BMC

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