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Flip the Script

Don’t just tweak digital services. Transform them with an application and data workflow orchestration SaaS platform.

Elevate the Value of IT

Elevate the Value of IT

BMC Helix Control-M improves the agility of businesses built on complex, changing technology ecosystems.

By flipping to an easy access, end-to-end SaaS platform for orchestration, digital product teams can deliver complex application and data pipeline workflows into production—faster, safely, and at scale.

Flip the IT script from:

  • Bottleneck to business accelerator
  • Firefighting to future-shaping
  • Cost center to added value
  • Service provider to self-service enabler

An upside for everyone

Whatever stage you’re at on the journey to becoming an Autonomous Digital Enterprise, SaaS-native application workflow orchestration offers an upside.

The simpler step to enterprise-wide automation

Step up to enterprise-wide automation

Analysis by Forrester found 79% of IT leaders believe application workflow orchestration will have a positive impact on their ability to meet top IT priorities. These include:

  • Responding to business and market changes
  • Improving the customer experience
  • Increasing IT efficiency
Move faster, get closer

Move faster, get closer

Get more products into production faster with powerful Control-M tools running in a SaaS environment. Work closely with lines of business to:

Switch to a smarter use of resources

A smarter way to use resources

Add the functionality and depth to move fast on complex projects without the need to throw additional resources at them. BMC Helix Control-M helps you:

Where business-critical meets business as usual

BMC Helix Control-M is a secure, scalable, and robust application workflow orchestration SaaS platform offering high levels of availability and redundancy.

Flip to a hybrid environment

Accelerate your hybrid computing by orchestrating application and data workflow across on-premises systems and leading technologies with AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and private clouds with ease

Flip to clear, consistent pricing

Support budget planning with a simple and transparent pricing model, based on job execution volumes

Flip to ease of use

An intuitive user interface includes first-time feature walkthroughs and embedded videos to help you unlock the full value of BMC Helix Control-M

Flip to greater freedom

A sandbox experience allows Dev and Ops to experiment while upholding standards and compliance in production