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TrueSight 10.x: App Visibility Management Advanced Training for Silk Performer

BMC TrueSight App Visibility Manager ensures application performance in your multi-source IT environment. It helps you gain the insight into performance with application context views of all of the tiers of the application delivery chain and lets you quickly drill down to view events, device performance, services health, and launch probable cause analysis or log analysis. It identifies the root causes of degraded performance and assigns events to responsible parties from a single source of truth.

This course combines classroom instruction with laboratory exercises to guide students through the basic concepts of Transaction Management, installing and configuring Transaction Management, the BDL Language, development of Silk Performer Scripts using Borland Silk Performer Synthetic Workbench and development of Silk Test scripts. Additionally, this course describes True Log Explorer and its advanced tools and features.

Major release:

TrueSight App Visibility Manager 10.x

Good for:

Administrators, Developers, Operators

Course Delivery:

Instructor Led | 32.00 hours

Course Modules

  • Architecture, Installing & Configuring Synthetic Transaction Monitoring
    • TrueSight Management Consoles
    • Synthetic Transaction Monitoring Architecture
    • Hardware and Sizing
    • Installing the Synthetic Transaction Monitoring Components
    • Configuring Synthetic Transaction Monitoring
    • Synthetic Transaction Monitoring & the Monitoring Packages
    • Tea Agent Log Files
    • Execution Plans and Execution Logs
    • Customizing the Tea Agent Properties
    • TrueSight Operations Silk Performer Dashboards
    • Working with and Customizing an SLA
    • Silk Performer Workbench Development Architecture
    • Installing and Configuring the Silk Performer Workbench Developer Console
    • Silk Test Architecture
    • Installing Silk Test
    • BMC PATROL Agent & the APM Knowledge Module
  • Exploring the Silk Performer BDL Language
    • Getting Prepared for BDL
    • TMAIN and TINIT
    • Common Calls Used
    • Forms
    • Measures
    • BDL Syntax
    • Symbols and Keyword
    • Include Statements
    • Data Types
    • Declarations
    • Constants
    • Variables
    • Operators
    • Expressions
    • Parameters
  • Administration and Development
    • The Silk Performer Workbench UI
    • Configuring Silk Performer Workbench
    • Silk Performer Protocols and Application Profiles
    • Silk Performer Workbench Components and Tools
    • Silk Performer Outlines and Project Profiles
    • Script Modeling
    • Silk Performer Recorder
    • Using Silk Performer Recorder to Diagnose Script Errors
    • Try Script and Filtering Traffic
    • Enhancing a Transaction Using Project Attributes
    • Creating Project Attributes and Parameters
    • Adding and Replacing Monitor Packages in TrueSight
    • Controlling Script versions
    • Uploading scripts to TrueSight
    • Replacing Monitor packages in TrueSight
    • Dashboards
  • Using Silk Performer TrueLog Advanced Features
    • What is TrueLog?
    • The TrueLog Explorer UI
    • TrueLog Tools
    • Working with Parameters and Variables
    • Using TrueLog Advanced Features and Tools
    • Adding Comments and Timers Using TrueLog
    • Using Analyze Test, Find and Fix Errors
    • Analyzing Errors
    • Adding in Error Handling
    • Customize Session Handling
    • Customize Session Handling Walkthrough
    • Customizing User Data
    • Customizing User Data Walkthrough
    • Verifications
    • Verifications Walkthrough
    • Reading and Using Virtual User Reports
    • Obtaining TrueLogs from TrueSight or the TEA agent
  • Using Silk Test
    • Working with Silk Test Classic
    • Adding and Configuring a Silk Test Project
    • Creating and Recording Silk Test Transactions
    • Adding in Custom Measure Timers