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Remedy IT Service Management: Process Designer (WBT)

This online course provides BMC Remedy IT Service Management administrators with the concepts and skills needed to incorporate best practices when installing and configuring Process Designer. This course gives participants an overview of the Process Designer architecture and installation process, and reviews how to create, edit, and deploy Process Designer processes.

Additionally, participants will learn basic guidelines for implementing processes in SRM and ITSM.

Major release:

BMC Helix ITSM 8.x

Good for:


Course Delivery:

Self Paced | 5.00 hours

Course Modules

  • Overview and Architecture
    • Explain ITSM Process Designer architecture
    • Describe how Process Designer components work together to give intelligent and interactive process control to ITSM applications
    • Review use-case examples
    • Provide a technical overview of how to create, deploy, link and use a process in a service request
    • Explore Process Designer capabilities in finer detail
  • Installation
    • Explain how to determine compatibility
    • Demonstrate the end-to-end installation process for Process Designer
    • Explain how to troubleshoot issues
    • Provide best practices in configuring the server side ARID plug-in
    • Advise on maintaining and archiving Process Designer data records
  • Implementing Processes in SRM
    • Create, attach, and use Process Designer processes with SRM
    • Explain the functionality and use of specific automated process actions with SRM
    • Demonstrate use cases illustrating how Process Designer can be used to extend the SRM experience
    • Demonstrate the interactive integration objects that an end user will encounter
  • Implementing Processes in ITSM
    • Review how Process Designer works with ITSM applications
    • Review criteria for selecting Process Designer processes for ITSM requests
    • Use task actions
    • Use Process Designer Wizard to get user input, eliminating need for Remedy development or customization
    • Review the Process Designer graphical display for requests
    • Explain the steps for implementing Designer process in ITSM

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