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Control-M 9.x: Fundamentals Scheduling (ASP)

The Control-M 9.x: Fundamentals Scheduling course provides IT professionals with the concepts and hands-on experience of using distributed Control-M products to monitor and manage their production environments, including the creation of job definitions.

This self-paced course explores features and functionality found in the Control-M interface, a monitoring and management tool for the enterprise batch scheduling environment.

Participants will learn to manage job processing across all platforms supported by Control-M/Servers and Control-M/Agents, including the creation, scheduling, and deployment of job processing definitions using the Planning domain. Hands-on labs allow participants to apply the procedures and concepts presented in the class.

Major release:

Control-M 9.x, 9.0.18

Recommended Prerequisites:

Good for:

Operators, Schedulers

Course Delivery:

Assisted Self Paced (ASP) | 40 hours

Course Modules

  • Using Resources
    • Introduction to Resources
    • Introduction to Control Resources
    • Introduction to Quantitative Resources
    • Introduction to Workload Policies
  • Understanding Global Conditions
    • Introduction to Global Conditions
    • Using Global Conditions
    • Creating Viewpoints
    • Creating Customizable Filters
    • Accessing Archived Viewpoints
  • Working with Variables
    • Introduction to Variables
    • Using Variables in Job Definitions
    • Introduction to Global Variables
    • Use of a Named Pool for Variables
    • Job Output and Variables
    • Introduction to Include Variables
    • Control-M Utilities to Manage Variables
  • Managing Viewpoints
    • Introduction to Viewpoints
    • Creating Viewpoints
    • Creating Customizable Filters
    • Accessing Archived Viewpoints
  • Control-M Add-Ons
    • Introduction to Control-M/Forecast
    • Introduction to Control-M Batch Impact Manager (BIM)
    • Defining Periodic Statistics
    • Introduction to Control-M Self Service
    • Introduction to Control-M Workload Change Manager