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BMC Client Management 12.x: Advanced Administering

This 2-day instructor led course provides the knowledge and critical skills necessary to administer BMC Client Management, with major focus placed upon software and operating system deployment and mobile device deployment.

This course is designed for advanced BMC Client Management administrators who want to learn how to create software, operating system packages for deployment, creating and deploying capture projects and mobile device management. Students will learn in a fast-paced environment created to transfer the maximum amount of Client Management expertise in a minimum amount of time.

Good for:


Course Delivery:

Instructor Led | 16 hours

Course Modules

  • What is Software Deployment
    • What is a Package?
    • Package Types
    • Gathering Software Installation Requirements
    • MSI Package Creation
    • Custom Package Creation
    • Package Deployment Methods
    • Snapshot Packages
    • MyApps: Software Installs on Demand
  • What is Operating System Deployment?
    • OS Deployment Architecture
    • OSD Manager
    • Image Repository
    • Network Boot Listener
    • Storage Device (optional)
    • The Phases of OSD
    • Setting up the OSD Manager
    • Adding Network Boot Listeners and Image Repositories
  • Getting Started with MDM
    • Prerequisites to Configure MDM
    • Choosing and Configuring the Mobile Device Manager
    • Preparing and Installing the Apple Push Certificate
    • Adding an Authorized Email Domain
    • Creating a Terms and Conditions Document
    • Adding Authorized Users and User Groups
    • Adding a Custom Log to the Enrollment Page
    • Inviting Users to Enroll Their Devices
  • Enrolling a Mobile Device
    • Enrolling a Mobile Device When Viewing the Invitation on the Device
    • Enrolling a Mobile Device When Viewing the Invitation on a Different Device
    • Withdrawing a Device from Mobile Device Management
  • Managing Applications Purchased through the Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP)
    • Creating a VPP Account with Apple
    • Entering the VPP Credentials and Token in Client Management
    • Synchronizing VPP Accounts in BMC Client Management
    • Configuring VPP Parameters in BMC Client Management
    • Viewing the Purchase VPP Assets in BMC Client Management
    • Associating VPP Licenses with Users or iOS Devices
    • Installing VPP Applications
    • Understanding the Installation Status of Applications
  • Performing Remote Operations on Managed Mobile Devices
    • Creating and Assigning a Mobile Command
    • Viewing the Status of a Mobile Command
    • Assigning Security Commands to Target Devices
    • Collecting Inventories from Target Devices
    • Installing an Application that is not Listed in the Mobile Applications List
    • Removing an Application with a Command
    • Remote Command Examples